Bye Mexico - Hello NYC!

 Picture taken at 6:45am, taken outside of my Grandmothers house before we left the pueblo and started our 16 hour journey back home.

On the plane back to NYC a few minutes before it left Mexico and before I started my 4th crying fest of the day. 

Back home and trying to get back into routine. It's always fun going on vacation but it's the getting back to reality that is not that fun. I have a bunch of clothes and other fun stuff just staring back at me, asking me to be put back into their proper drawers. I also have a few packages to open and start reviewing, no complaining here. But after our 16 hour journey back home I feel like I could sleep for days. Being back home also means that the countdown to the first day of school has begun and the countdown to a very special birthday is right around the corner. 
My first born, always baby to me will officially be a teenager, when he turns 13 on September 5th.
Gah, how is it possible that I will be the mom of a teenager. I am half ready for this new chapter of our lives, it's already hard enough for me to start letting him go. How will I handle him being a teenager and start giving him some of the freedom that comes with growing up. It's a scary world nowadays and as a mom it worries me, BUT this post will definitely not end on a sad note.
Life is too short to focus on the negative stuff or to worry about stuff that I pray will never happen. Life is about enjoying every second with those you love, making beautiful memories and taking lots of pictures to capture those special moments.

Get ready to be bombarded with lots of reviews, giveaways, Mexico posts for which I'm thinking back of bringing back the Traveling Wednesday posts, where I would feature adventures from our Mexico travels. 

In the meantime enjoy what's left of Summer vacation, I myself am looking forward to Fall!

Kary xoxo

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