Fitness Is Always The Way To Go

It can be hard getting back on track when it comes to getting back to woking out or in my case running. As you guys remember I was out of running for about 5 months due to a broken toe, that's almost half a year. Way too much in my opinion, it was one of the hardest things to do. 
The first month went by fast because I had hopes of being able to run in about a month and a half but when that month and half started turning into 3 months I almost lost it. 
Not only mentally but body wise also, my body missed being able to feel the pavement under my feet. 

It's no wonder so many people run, it's perfect for distressing and just feeling free.
I love my family and my kids but running is my me time, it's the moment I can plug my earphones in, listen to music and just let my thoughts run free, trust me I need that. I tend to think way too much, seriously sometimes as I fall asleep my thoughts just keep racing and it can be hard to fall asleep sometimes.
As the months went by and it finally actually hit me that I wouldn't be running for a while I had to look into workouts that I could do at home and that were safe enough, which meant not putting pressure on my foot with the broken toe. I looked into signing up to my local gym, with clearance form the doctor. Clearance was given to sign up and only use the bicycle, rowing machine and weight machines. It was great, the first few weeks of working out at the gym were good but then Spring started arriving and as I walked into the gym all these runners would pass me by as they headed towards the park. Then one weekend as we walked my son to one of his races it hit me, this wave of sadness just hit me as I saw runners with their bibs, heading to their race. This runner started crying, not your slow tears sliding down my face but the ugly kind. Where your face looks all ugly and you start making sounds. It was that bad. I missed running and it was breaking my heart.
That's when I started to skip a little on the gym and soon I was searching for articles that helped me work out at home or something to help me get back at the gym.
Being a runner at a gym can be hard, you feel trapped, bored because you miss the outside, the wind hitting your face and the fresh air around you.
As you can see, running is definitely one of my favorite ways to release stress. What's your favorite way to workout and release stress?

So you see, during this entire journey of not being able to run. Working out has always been my stress reliever. Whether it was working out at the gym, working out at home, trying out a new class or going for a walk with the family. Fitness has always made my heart happy and my body healthy.

On the happiest of notes to end this blog post is that I got the clearance to run again this past end of June, and I've slowly been easing back into running again :)

Kary xoxo


  1. Don't worry, you will be running again! Don't push yourself, let your body heal, and you will be out with your feet hitting the pavement again! We all need our "me" time for sure and I'm hoping to get back to the gym soon too!

    1. I'm so nervous about starting up again. This used to be broken toe is acting up but I will take it slow nd listen to my body. You got this :) Thank you!