Leaving on a jet plane - Summer Vacation 2016

See you soon New York.
We are on our way to Mexico right now, the beginning of a 16 hour adventure to our final destination in Mexico. We will be there for two weeks and a little over 3 days, making it almost 2 weeks and a half.
I'm half happy and half sad. Happy because I get to see my maternal grandmother and to be with my parents but sad because my soulmate stays behind.
Once again he stays behind, working hard for his family. I am truly blessed to have the amazing and supportive husband that I have and even though I will miss him dearly I know that those two weeks will go by way too fast and before I know it we will be together again.
In the meantime my sweet friends, I ask for prayers of safe travels. Miguel is very nervous about our trip, with the world being a very scary place he is afraid of something going wrong on our way to Mexico or our way back home. 
When we go to Mexico the kids and I are leaving with my parents but since I'm only going for two weeks I will be coming back by myself with Miguel and Valentina. It's going to be hard to say goodbye to my parents in Mexico, especially for Valentina. But we will cross that bridge on August 20th, which is when we come back.
I have scheduled a few posts so my little space away from home is not empty while we are gone.

Make sure to follow us on Snapchat @RunChiquitaRun
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so you can follow us on our vacation in Mexico. I won't be able to upload vlogs, the internet in Mexico where we will be staying is very slow. So those will also be pre scheduled.

Prayers and good vibes for us.
We will see you soon!

Kary xoxo

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