A letter to my son on his 13th birthday.

Happy 13th Birthday Miguel, my always munchkin.

Dear Miguel,

Today not only do I celebrate you coming into the world but I also get to celebrate becoming a mom for the first time. On the day you were born I found out what true love was and how it feels to have my heart walking outside of my body. It seems like only yesterday I was holding you in my arms for the first time, cuddling you tight and close to me. This mommy did not want to share you, and my favorite thing to do was to hold you close to me all day and night. As time went by and you started to get a little older you became my little partner in crime, we would go everywhere together. You were my little shadow, but then it was time to go to school and start going out into the world. I remember those first days of pre-school how much I missed you, my heart ached when I went to places and I thought  about how much you'd love it here and about the times we've been there together. It became easier as the time went by and then came the next fun chapter in our lives, where i'd pick you up from school and your little face would light up as you ran to me. It was a very long day, every single day that you were in school but I loved picking you up and holding your hand as we walked home or went to eat. More time went by and the holding hands eventually stopped, the kissing on the cheeks was still a go but I knew that soon that would also be a no.
You started Junior High School and I watched you change from a little elementary kid to a a big junior high school kid, and the kiss on the cheek went away. We wouldn't want you to get caught by a friend or something, kissing your mom hello at pick up is a big no-no nowadays. But I'm still oh so grateful for the blessing of being able to pick you up and talk to you about your day at school and any other thing you are willing to share with me. I love being your mom and friend and as we start this new chapter in our lives my dear son, I pray that you still trust me and confide in me always.
. Even though we might have our little bumps because you don't agree with my rules, there has never been a moment that I've thought of you as a bad son. I know that in life we all have to make our own mistakes and learn from them.

I'm not going to lie, it scares me a little, this new chapter of your life, I know it can be a tough one and one that can eventually shape who you become in the future.
 I hope that I can continue to help guide you through the correct path. I pray that you continue to trust in me and always think of me as your mom and friend.
Never doubt how smart, strong and amazing you are.
Always be the strong willed Miguel that you are, continue to believe in yourself and know that we are always rooting for you, continue to make your dreams a reality and continue being the sweet, caring and lovable young man that you are.
As we begin this new chapter my always munchkin, know that I love you no matter what.
That you are my sunshine and my everything.

Love you always,
Mami xo

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