Events Will Come And Go

It's been a little quiet around our little corner of the internet. The picture above shows what my weekend consisted of. Our weekend was full of plans but life had other plans for us.
And it all started Friday night.

Friday morning Valentina had a horrible tantrum that lasted about 2 minutes of her screaming and crying loudly. When she started to calm down she ran into my arms, as I consoled her and kissed her little cheeks I felt that she was a little hot. Thinking that she just had a horrible meltdown, it occurred to me that, that is why she was warm so I didn't pay mind to her feeling a little bit hot. It was also time for me to pick Miguel up from school, so I left Valentina with my mom and as a few hours passed by I forgot about her feeling a little bit warm.
It was at around 6pm when Valentina wanted to take a nap and I breastfed her that I felt that she was very hot. When I checked the bottom of her feet and felt how hot they were, I knew right away that she had a fever. After finding the thermometer I was able to see that she had 102' fever. I hate when it's that high, since she's still little and she hates to take medicine.
 She almost always tries to throw up.
The hours passed and her fever didn't go down. 
Our weekend plans were planned out 2 weeks in advance and consisted of going to Coney Island for the Luna Park Halloween Fest media event, where we would be able to tour the fest with our families and enjoy Luna Park. It was already 3am and no sign of Valentinas fever going down, so the proper thing to do was email the person who had invited us to the event so that I could let them know that we would not be going due to Valentina feeling sick.
Saturday afternoon came, and after falling asleep at around 5am and sleeping for about 4 hours Valentina woke up with a tummy ache and still a high fever but what was even worse was that Miguel started feeling sick and complaining of a sore throat. Good call about cancelling the event. Now I had to take care of both of my babies. Which meant writing down when I gave them medicine and making sure they ate, you know that  sometimes when you get sick your appetite can go away.
By Saturday afternoon Miguel had a horrible afternoon and when night came Valentinas fever was a little bit more controlled but Miguel was not doing so good. That meant that Sundays soccer game would also be cancelled, no way that he would be running around with that horrible cough. Sunday was spent at home, drinking more medicine and with Valentina doing much better but Miguel not so much.
I made sure to give Miguel medicine and told him to let me know how he felt in the morning.

Monday morning came and it was time to go back to school, after making sure that Miguel was feeling better. Sometimes us moms have a gut feeling, and this momma had a gut feeling that very morning. I was supposed to attend another event, this would be my first press junket. That's blogger term for - I was going to watch a movie that was yet to be released and after wards there would be a roundtable with the actors from the movie. Very cool right, but for some reason I kept feeling like they would call me from Miguels school, he kept coughing horribly through out the night and something told me to stay home. Another cancellation email went out, this time I was told not to worry and that they hoped Miguel felt better.
It was 9am when my cellphone rang and sure enough it was the school nurse from Miguels school. Miguel was in the office with 102 fever and feeling very nauseas and faint.
On my way was all I could say before I hanged up the phone. Lucky for me my husband was still home and not going to work for another hour or so, which meant that he could go pick him up from school.
You better believe that I wanted to scream at Miguel for not telling me how he really felt, all because he didn't want to miss a day of school. But when he got home and I saw how pale he looked, all I wanted to do was hug him and make him feel better. Monday consisted of giving Miguel a lot of medicine and worrying a whole lot. His fever went up to 104 and there was a moment where I gave him medicine and his fever just kept going up. That was when I started freaking out and planning to take him to the ER. Thank God for grandmas, my mom was helping me out that day and she told me to wait a little bit more and as we did the fever started to slowly go down. The entire afternoon was spent with him coughing his lungs out and a fever of 102, so that meant no school on Tuesday.
Tuesday finally came and as it slowly went by, Miguel started looking better, he was able to eat and get out of bed. It always hurts to see your children in pain and even though there are days when I wish they would just sit down, it's on days like this that I am reminded how amazingly blessed we are to have healthy kids.
Miguel finally went back to school yesterday, Wednesday and is still drinking medicine for his cough.
But we were finally to get back on track and I was even able to go to two events yesterday.
What was more important was seeing both of my kids feeling better and like the title of this post says, events will come and go but my kids health will always be my number one priority and it's sad to see that some pr people will not understand that.
That just means that they are not the people for me, and as far as I know there will be many more amazing companies to work with.

For now I will continue to count my blessings and thank God for my healthy kids.

P.S. Good vibes our way, as Miguel is still having problems with his sore throat.

Kary xoxo


  1. We aren't supposed to send our kids to school if they had a fever less than 48 hours ago, so I wouldn't have been able to send them on Monday.

    It's horrible when the kids are sick. I can't stand it, my stomach is never settled when they aren't feeling well. Your love and attention is some of the best medicine on this earth for your babies. :)

  3. Darn it, I hate it when kiddos are sick and it is never the best timing but having mama there is the best medicine ever!

  4. Sending healing vibes your ways and a nice cup of tea. You have had an adventure for sure.

  5. I'm so sorry, poor little guy! It is that time of year for sure, my little one was home sick from school today and we missed going to the fair. Sending good vibes your way!

  6. There's nothing more important than our children's health. It's good that you chose to take care of them instead of going to those events. What matters is that they are being taken care of and everything else will follow.

  7. Aw, parenting can be so hard! I'm sorry to hear you're having a rough time. Prayers that this improves!

  8. Oh how awful! Sending well wishes your way. When my kiddos have a fever or are throwing up they have to be free of both for 24 hours before we can send our kiddos back... so I always enjoy the time snuggling and curling ups with them! _ Jeanine

  9. I'm so sorry, Mama! None of us like it when our kids are sick. It's so hard for them to miss school too. Hopefully they feel better soon.

  10. Aw, hopes that he will be well sooner! I am so sad whenever my son is sick but have to hide the feelings.

  11. Aww poor babies! It's horrible when they get sick and life has to stop until they're better! I hope things look up soon!

  12. Sometimes being a mom is the most important thing in the whole world. Everything else can wait.

  13. I hope that Miguel recovers from his sore throat quickly. I can totally relate as I've often changed plans to put my sons first. That's how it should be.

  14. It's so hard watching your kids get sick as a mama! I hope Miguel is feeling all the way better soon!

  15. Ughhhhhhh sick kiddos can be something tough to deal with!!! It breaks my heart when my daughter gets sick!! I feel so helpless!