Surviving The First Day of School 2016

1st day of school and starting his senior year in junior high school.
I can't believe that today marks the day Miguel starts his year as an 8th grader. It seems like only yesterday we were getting ready to start junior high school and now we start the process of a new school all over again and not just any school, high school.

Miguel got home today and felt a little overwhelmed. He handed me a bunch of forms to sign, one was the senior dues form and information regarding prom. Come on, it's just the first day of school.
I can not handle thinking about prom!!
I already knew that as fun as this senior year would be, it would also be a little stressful. But like i've told Miguel, one day at a time, one step at a time. No need to stress.
This coming from a big stresser.

Last night I only slept 30 minutes, that was enough to carry me through out the day and even now a this time as I write up this post. I still can't believe that i've only slept 30 minutes. I got insomnia thinking about Miguel and school but that's not new. I've never handled going back to school and the first day of school properly. In fact since I was little I always cried on the first day of school, and all the way though pre-k to 1st grade. I would cry and tell my parents that I would throw up if they left, they would leave anyway due to work but I always ended up in the bathroom crying and almost throwing up. As I grew older I always cried on the first day of school, I was older so that meant doing it at home instead of at school. But yes, I used to cry out of nervousness, even though I knew I would see my friends again and still stay in the same school. If that was the story with regular school years can you imagine how I was each time it was time to transition into a new school? 

It was bad, I would stop eating a few days before and cry a little, it was so scary for me.
I still get nervous but now it's for Miguel. I get all the feels as if I were the one that was going back to school. Yes, I cry but now it's because I miss Miguel. I get so used to having him around again with me 24/7. I love my children so much and love to hang around with them, I know that when Valentina has to go to school I am going to be a mess.
I'm already crying. Right now I know that Miguel goes to school but Valentina stays with me, when they both go to school who will be around to scream "mommy, mommy" or "mom, mom".
I guess it will be time to work on baby #3, but that's for the future to tell. Right now I get to enjoy 
watching Miguel excel in school and love sports like we do and while he does that Valentina and I get to enjoy each other to the fullest until she to goes out into the world.

In the meantime wishing all you moms and dads a most amazing and fun school year, may our kids rock this 2016-2017 school year!

Kary xoxo

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