Much Needed Mom's Night Out #MTNightOut

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All words and opinions are 100% my own.

Last week I was able to enjoy a much needed Moms Night Out. Full of yummy foods, fun crafts, amazing rooftop view and mingling with other fellow NYC mom bloggers.
Don't get me wrong, I love my kids and every second that I get with them is precious. They are growing up way too fast and I know that one day they will fly out of my nest and out into the world they will go. That's why sometimes going out to events can take somewhat of a toll on me, I can end up feeling guilty. Don't ask me why but my mind can sometimes wonder off during an event and go to "what are my kids doing right now?"
That's why last weeks event really hit home for many reasons.

It was great to listen to Nicole from Momtrends and Dana Points editor at Merediths Publications (ParentsFit PregnancyFamily Fun, and Parents Latina)
I couldn't keep smiling when Dana brought up one of surveys that will be in the October issue of Parents which is called "Balance is BS". 
It is major BS, it doesn't matter how much I try to make my husband have as much responsibility with the kids as I do, it never happens. Just take for example he can go to the gym freely without worrying about the kids. I on the other hand can not,  I have to make sure the kids are well fed, left with snacks and an extra set of clothes. My husband on the other hand, can just get up and get ready and say see you in an hour. He is not a bad husband or bad father and he truly does help a lot but I truly believe that balance is bs, no matter how much we try. 
That's why this was such a great night to get out and do some fun diy crafts that were perfect for distressing. These can also be done at home with the proper supplies :) Some of which you already have available.

Quaker Oats was there to remind us that an extra hour of sleep is possible.
With a little prep the night before you can have a good, quick and healthy jar of Quaker Overnight Oats waiting in the fridge. My son loves oatmeal and preparing this is easy as 1,2,3. Just make sure to have your favorite milk in hand, you can use coconut milk, almond milk or regular milk. Half a cup of that and half a cup of quaker oats, followed with a nice topping of your favorite fruit. We love to add some granola and a pinch of honey. Refrigerate overnight and your little one can wake up in the morning and just grab that to eat.
We were asked what would we do with that extra hour of sleep?
I of course being the mom that I am, would use that hour to cuddle with both my kiddos. Well, more with my little one. Miguel is officially a teenager and he's not that big a fan of cuddling with his momma. So cuddling with Valentina it is!

What would you do with an extra hour of sleep?

Everyone knows that handmade gifts are the best. I loved the next station sponsored by Philips Avent.
A baby shower is something that is always going on and this is such a cute idea and perfect gift for the mommy to be. Here were able to put together and personalize our own gift for new mommy and baby.
All you need is cute stationary grass to fill your container or basket of choice, and some of Philips Avent products must have for all parents to be.
They have amazing products that are perfect for babies, like their bottles and pacifiers.
Help make transitioning into parenthood a fun an easy one!

I love arts and crafts and anything pretty. My house is also full of washi tape, due to my addiction to it. So this next station with Clorox was definitely up my alley. It doesn't matter how old your kids are Clorox Disinfecting Wipes are a must have household item, they kill 99.9% of germs.
You can be sure to always find a few tubes of these in my house and it was pretty exciting to decorate my own Clorox tub. So easy and fun, you can even do this with your little ones. Definitely a fun way to decorate your bathroom or wherever you may have your little tubs of disinfecting wipes.

I love lotions and always focus on smell when shopping for them. Have you ever fell in love with the smell of a garbage bag? Yes, a garbage bag. Just in case you didn't know, Glad has these amazing garbage bags that have odor shield with Febreeze to neutralize unpleasant odors.
It is also a fact that certain aromas can help calm and relieve stress, so it was very exciting to have Glad set up this station for us to be able to create our lotion scented lotions. I love lavender and lemon for some reason calms me down. Therefore both those scents were used to create my new lotion and it has been used everyday after I take a nice hot shower.

Earth's Best definitely something that as a mom I rely on. My daughter loves eating cookies with her favorite characters and I feel good knowing that she's eating something healthy and organic at the same time.
They provided some yummy treats that included those yummy bars shown above as well as those cute block shed cookies, that just goes to show that they are great for the entire family and not only little ones.

After this fun event I left very relaxed and happy, which reminded me why it's important to have me time. Our kids don't want an unhappy mom who is frustrated. 
Make sure to make time for yourself and remember that you are not by yourself, find someone to talk with or go out with, even if you just go out for a walk it is also nice and relaxing. 
Motherhood is not an easy job but you are not alone :)

Thank you to the Momtrends team for a fun and distressing mom's night out!

Kary xoxo


  1. I love the new mom box, every mom new mom needs one of those when they first start!

  2. Loving this idea of getting out for the night with other moms, especially when there are freebies and fun and crafts involved! Because, you're so right... that balance thing doesn't really exist because we are ingrained, as mamas, to always put our kids first! Thanks for sharing!

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