Stocking Stuffer Ideas For The Runner In Your Life

I have personally tried all of the products mentioned below and know for a fact that any runner would love to find them in their stocking stuffer. Not only that but they are also great for any fitness enthusiast in your life. They are also great for the younger sport enthusiast in your life. My 13 year old son also loves some of the products mentioned in this post.

These products are perfect stocking stuffers.
 As a runner and fellow fitness lover I know how uncomfortable aches and pains can be after a race or a hardcore workout. That's where Salonpas products come in. They are affordable and can be found at your local pharmacy like Walgreens. Any runner and fellow fitness enthusiast in your life will appreciate any of these goodies, especially when those aches or pains kick in.
The best thing about these products is that they are perfect for the entire family. My mom loves using the patches for the bottom of her feet, it helps alleviate her plantar fasciitis pain.

You have to love a product that will naturally give you that extra energy that is needed during the day, especially during a run. There are days when that extra burst of energy is needed and MammaChia offers that, in the form of a bar or vitality snacking pouches. They come in great combinations that your friend or family member is sure to love. 
I love fueling up with the vitality pouches before a run and tend to take one with me as I walk to the park before my run.

Going for a run means you have to go as light as possible, that means I can't carry a purse. Spibelt is my favorite for carrying my cellphone, some cash, my keys and a chapstick.
Definitely a must for any runner on the go. And it's available a variety of colors.

Gift Cards
As a runner one of the things that can get really expensive are the entry fees for the races we wish to participate in. Whenever I see a gift card I start to plan what next race I can participate in. Not only can a gift card be used for race entry fees but it can also go towards other goodies that are essential for a runner.

iTunes Gift Card
I love listening to some tunes while I go on my run, and it can get expensive. An iTunes gift card can go a long way. Great tunes are always a great motivation.

Yurbuds Inspire 300 for Women
Hands down the best earphones I have found up to date. These stay on during my longest runs. 
I ran my first half marathon wearing Yurbuds and they did not budge. I love them and always make sure to have an extra pair in hand just in case. These are definitely a must for runners.

Make sure to treat your favorite runner with some helpful goodies that will be sure to help him or her during their runs.

Kary xoxo

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