Motivational Monday - You Deserve The Best YOU Possible

As the new year begins I know that Fitness is a top resolution on all of our lists and I say ours, because it is also one of my top resolutions for this 2017. I'm planning to participate in my first post broken toe race and that way come back to the sport that I love so dearly.
I also know how hard it can be to go for your first run or going to step foot at the gym for the first time.
But I'm here to tell you and remind you that you can do it.
After all you are doing this for you and nobody else.
Today I will share with you a few tips that I found helped me when I went for my first run and gym visit.

1- First of all remember that you are doing this for yourself and nobody else. 
Because you deserve a healthy you.

2- When you go to the gym don't worry about people looking at you, because if they are then they must not be there for the same reason that you are. Which is to be healthy and fit. It can be hard to sit down and use that first machine, but believe me when I tell you that it gets easier and you will soon forget about the people around you. Get out your headphones and listen to that playlist you made for working out or watch your favorite tv show while you get your heart pumping and muscles working.
The same goes for when you go out for your first run. Ignore the stares if any at all because the reality is that everybody is out there running to destress. Letting their problems be forgotten if only for a little bit. You will actually get a smile or nod from fellow runners, the running community is very embracing and you will be welcomed with open arms. So get your music ready and get those feet to hit the pavement, just remember to always be aware of your surrounding when running and only have one earphone on, so you can listen with your other ear.

3- Your own pace. Do not try and compete with the way other people are going, whether it's at the gym or when running. Remember that person might have started before you, and if you just started you want to make sure to give yourself time to get to reach each level of your fitness journey. Do not over push yourself. Which leads me to the next tip.

4- Listen to your body. Nobody else knows your body better than you, therefore remember to be kind to your body and feet. Any kind of exercise can be a little bit hard on the body the first few times.
Be sure to give yourself a day of rest in between each workout to help your muscles recuperate and relax. As time progresses so will your workout days, you can go adding more :)

5- Forget about the scale. I mean it, one day it will say you lost a few pounds and the next it will say you went up. And the truth is you probably did go up a few pounds, but that's only because you are building muscle which is not bad at all. So ignore the scale because you will notice in inches as soon as that workout pants you use to workout starts fitting looser and that favorite workout shirt looks bigger on you. Which leads me to number 6.

6- Take pictures, yes pictures. your fitness journey is a beautiful one no matter whether it has downs because that just means you get to get up even faster. You will appreciate those pictures someday and it will be a beautiful reminder of where you started and how far you have gotten.

7- Last tip for today is to make sure to buy yourself some cute workout clothes. It definitely makes a difference to go to the gym or for a run in something fun. Always make sure that it stretches and you are comfortable :)

Before you get out there remember that healthy comes in all sizes and shapes, do not compare your body to anybody else because your curves do not define your fitness level.

Now get out there and ROCK!!

Kary xoxo

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