Last Minute DIY Smurf Valentines Day Cards

Are you that procrastinating parent who always waits until the last minute to do stuff?!

I know I am, sometimes it's just my way of seeking adventure, other times it's because it's been a crazy week. This has been one of those weeks. 
I'm lucky that Valentina is still not in school and I'm not scrambling around to make Valentines Day cards for her classmates, but I still need to make some for her brother and her cousin.
That's where these fun Smurf Valentines Day Cards come in hand.
All you need are some yummy pops, or whatever your heart desires and you can clip them to these cute Valentines Day cards.
Kids also love coloring, one fun idea that is a perfect way for your little one to help out is by making your own fun shaped crayons.
You can collect all those broken crayons, peel them, melt them and then put them in any fun silicone mold you might have lying around.
Once they are done settling and all cooled down, you can wrap them up in cute plastic baggies and then attach them to your valentines day cards. 

So if you are still trying to think of what to send for your children's friends, just turn that printer on and get to printing.
Your kids will love handing out these fun Smurf cards and their friends will love receiving them.

Now when your child gets home, a perfect way to celebrate Valentines Day is by having a movie night. Why not watch the Smurfs in anticipation of their newest movie coming out.
To make it an even more fun movie night, make sure to print out the below activity sheets.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Kary xoxo

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