Arts & Crafts with Halos #MTHaloFun

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Spring is in the air and that means that it is the best season to enjoy fruit.
For us that means Halos. Being the active family that we are we always rely on Halos, especially for the weekend Soccer games. They are just so easy to carry around, not to mention that they are also the perfect way to make sure we are getting a good dose of Vitamin C.
As much as we always eat Halos you would think that we would have come up with different ways of eating them and even use them for crafts, but that never crossed our mind. That was until last weekend.

Last week we got the chance to spend our Saturday morning with Momtrends, Halos and some other fellow mommy bloggers with their families at the Children's Museum located in downtown Manhattan. We were greeted with the cutest containers full of fun surprises, and not only that but we would get to try out some yummy Halo inspired recipes.
Valentina loves arts and crafts, but what child doesn't?
Getting to open that Halo container was the best surprise, it was full of goggly eyes, pipe cleaners, and many more fun crafts supplies. 

We were ready to go and excited to make some fun Halos inspired creations. 
With the crafts supplies we were able to make a Halos Bunny, Halos Chick or Halos Flower.
 Can you guess what Valentina decided to try and make first?

If you guessed Halos Bunny, you guessed correctly!
Rest assured that we are way better crafters then what the picture shows above. I really do believe that our bunny looks a little bit sad because we wouldn't share our Halos treats. I can't blame Mr.Bunny (what Valentina named him) but the treats were just too good to share.
While Valentina stayed with her big brother to continue finishing up Mr.Bunny, I made sure to get us all some Halos inspired treats.

Wonderful Halos Mandarin Spring Salad

 Wonderful Halos Prosciutto Brushetta Bites

Halos Toast

Wonderful Halos covered in chocolate and halos inspired muffins.

These are just a few of the things that you can make with Halos.
 I am especially excited to make the Halos salad pictured above and the mandarins covered in chocolate.
Don't worry you can also make them at home, below you will find the recipe of one of our favorite Halos inspired recipes.

Trust me when I tell you that even the little ones in your life will enjoy this Halos inspired salad.

Don't stop there why not make it a Halos kind of day and while it's time to cook, grab some Halos and get ready to make some fun crafts with your little ones.

Valentina had a lot of fun making a Halos chick and with Spring around the corner what better way to celebrate then with your very own Halos chick. 
To make your own you will need:

  • Halos mandarin 
  • Yellow paper 
  • Yellow pipe cleaner 
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue dots 
  1. Cut the chick’s wings from yellow paper. You can create
  2. a feathered effect by cutting little slits into the paper’s edge. Fold them back at the base and secure to the sides of the Halo with glue dots.
  3. Use a yellow pipe cleaner to form the legs and feet.
  4. Fold yellow paper and cut a little triangle for the beak. Use glue dots to add the beak and googly eyes.
  5. Post a photo of your sweet Halos chick with #halosfun.

We were definitely inspired to make some fun Halos inspired crafts and recipes, and with this blizzard coming our way tomorrow we will be sure to enjoy our time inside.
Maybe we will another Halos Flower in hopes of Spring coming soon.

Kary xoxo


  1. That sounds like so much fun! It looks like you guys sure did get creative with your Halos!

  2. My daughter is looking at the pictures of the oranges with the ears, and she thinks it looks so cute. We will have to try it together.

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    Belle |

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  30. Wow, such a lovely post. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Thursday! Kisses,

  31. Wow, this is super cute. Such a fun activity. My little one will love this. And this is perfect timing for her, with her holidays approaching!!

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