Family Fun At The New MythBusters Exhibit at Liberty Science Center #MTMyth

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It's always a great weekend when you get to go on a family adventure. Last weekend we got to attend another great Momtrends event which took place at Liberty Science Center.
We got to check out two of the newest exhibits at the center, MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition based on the hit tv show and Illusions. We were ready for a lot of hands on fun.

Being that Liberty Science Center is located in NJ we had to make sure that we were wearing our comfy shoes and were bundled up properly, it would be a very cold day in the city. I'm not going to lie when I tell you that I wanted to stay in my bed cuddled up under my comforter but this would be our third time going to Liberty Science Center, and the kids were counting down the days to visiting one of their favorite places.
They love being able to take the train to downtown Manhattan, where we then head to take a Ferry across to the Jersey side and then continue walking for about 15-20 minutes. During our last visit we ran into some wild bunnies as we walked to Liberty Science Center which made the walk that much more fun. We love checking out the fun exhibits and everything that the museum has to offer.
This time would be no different, the best part is that MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition caters to the entire family. There is a little bit of everything for everyone of every age.

We started off our morning with a yummy lunch and family pictures. Husband works 6 days a week and is always working when we get to go to events. We were lucky to be able to spend our Sunday with him at one of our favorite places to visit and even better to get a family picture, thanks to fellow mommy blogger Shirley.

Happy belly's means happy people. Which meant that it was time to walk off the yummy food and bust some myths.
We started the MythBusters exhibit with a fun live session, which included audience participation. The kids really loved that, especially the chance at getting to see if they could dodge a paintball.
Make sure to check out the times of the live sessions when you get to the MythBusters exhibit.

Kids or adults who love watching the MythBusters show will love getting to check out some of the actual props from the show that are showcased at the exhibit. I loved spotting a certain prop and talking with my son about the certain episode it was featured in.

Valentinas favorite part of the MythBusters exhibit was definitely the Running In The Rain one. 
It's such a fun way to find out when it's raining, if it's better to walk or run? In order to get wet less.
We seriously spent about 30 minutes running and walking but mostly running in the rain, good thing that husband joined us because we got to take turns walking and running in the rain.
Can you guess who gets wet less? The walker or runner? 
In our observation we concluded that when you run you get more wet than when you walk.
So next time that it rains make sure to take your time and enjoy the rain by walking :)

Cliffhanger, the name says it all. In the Cliffhanger kids and adults get to feel like they are living on the edge of danger, while they test their strength. Husband loved this one, he was quick to hang and show us how he would handle hanging from the ledge of a building.
This is a fun way for people to test their hanging skills on two different widths. There are different heights perfect for little ones and adults to hang while the clock ticks showing them their hanging time.
Can you guess how much husband lasted on the movie ledge?
He lasted 1 minute and 25 seconds (make sure to check out the vlog to see him relaxed he was while he hanged from the ledge)

Definitely a great way to bust myths and learn some fun science at the same time.

Next we got to stop by "Illusion : Nothing Is What It Seems".
Here we got to investigate how perception defines the way we see and will have you doubting reality.
This one was definitely Miguel's favorite exhibit, and even though Valentina didn't really understand the exhibit she also found it fun to explore.

Just look at this illusion if you look at it sideways it looks one way, but when you look at it through the loop it looks completely different.
Valentina thought this was a fun magic show and kept on looking to the side and then through the loop.

You will love the the fun optical. perceptual, and audio illusions in this exhibit.
They are mind blowing and will have you talking about it for days.

After you are finished checking out these fun new exhibits make sure to check out everything that Liberty Science Center has to offer. We personally always make sure to stop by the Live Animal section, Valentina loves saying hi to the CottonTail Monkeys.

Make sure to stop by Liberty Science Center and get to busting some Myths before the exhibit is gone. You have until September 4, 2017 to check out MythBusters and
Illusion is open until August 27, 2017.

Make it a family day and get ready to have some fun.

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  1. Don't you love how much fun it was for all ages! Little ones AND bigger kids!