Heat Exhaustion is no joke

This is what my Wednesday looks and it truly sucks.
Antibiotics, lots of liquid and rest.
It's been a rough few days, and it's seriously been a while that I've felt so sick.
It all started on Sunday when Miguel and I went shopping for some items that were missing for him to wear for his Graduation ceremony.
Sunday was one of the hottest days and with us walking out in the sun for hours with no shade or fresh air at all, it was a horrible day for shipping in the city.
I was sure that we'd get headaches, therefore once we got home I made sure that Miguel and I drank some Ibuprofen.
Things only got bad from there, that night Humberto got home from work sick, with a fever and nausea. He ended up throwing up and resting all night. By the next next day he felt a little better, with just a headache and some nausea. I on the other hand had horrible body aches, swollen tonsils, and a headache, by the time night time came I was running a fever of 104.
Horrible tremors from the fever had me laying on the couch covered form head to toe,  the fever did not go down at all during the night. It made me a little sad because I was scheduled to attend an event  on Tuesday night but there was no way that I was making it, I also wanted to avoid going to the doctor. Morning came and there was no way that the girl could avoid going to the doctor. After throwing up and feeling like my throat was going to explode, worst feeling ever.
An emergency visit was a must, I'm so blessed to have my family nearby and that my dad was able to go with me to the doctor. It was so painful to walk to the doctors office and it took me about 25 minutes when it usually takes 10 minutes to get there. The sun was out with no shade and my bones hurt so bad but we finally made it to the doctors office. 
I was contagious were the doctor words, he instructed me to have minimal contact with my family especially the kids. A swab was taken of my swollen tonsils that were almost touching and not allowing me to swallow or eat properly.
He gave me strong antibiotics that would be taken for a few days, after being instructed to drink lots of liquid and to do a lot of resting I knew that I had all of today to take it really easy. Tomorrow is Miguel's graduation and this proud momma has to drag herself to the ceremony, even if my entire body is in pain..

Now to wait for the test results and hope it's nothing worse.

Kary xoxo

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