Jellybeans First Time at Urgent Care

For the first time in the three years of her life, Valentina had to visit the ER.
Scariest night and day of my life.

Thursday June 1st started just like everyday, we went to the park, ate at Panera and took a cab home. At 9:30pm as I bent down to try on a new pair of shoes, Valentina bumped into me and ended up on the floor in a weird angle. Everything happened way too fast, as I bent down she started running and saying "mommy, here I come" as I started to get up the impact happened. She let out the harshest scream, and not you normal scream. it was the scream of pain and the alarm telling me that something was wrong. When I saw her on the floor with her legs all twisted and her arms all stiff, I froze but immediately went into action. This momma didn't know what to do, I didn't know if it was ok for me to pick her up but I just couldn't leave her there on the floor. As I started to pick her up and inspect her, Valentina started screaming in pain and crying. It was so nerve wrecking and those tears that I wanted to let out, had to be bottled up tightly. Good thing my mom was with me, we started searching for coloring, or any bumps or signs of a broken bone. Her bit toe started turning purple and red on the side and I thought for sure something was broken. She asked to be taken to the living room for me to breastfeed her, but after trying she continued crying and ended up on the sofa taking a nap. The pain must have made her go to sleep. She woke up after two hours and it was time to check her again but there was no sign of bruising or any swollen parts. That was a good sign, she just refused to move her her right ankle and foot. She sat down during the night and stood awake until about 7am. My instinct as mama bear was to take her to the ER but there was no sign of a broken bone, my decision then was to let her sleep and see how she wok up afterwards. Valentina ended up falling asleep at around 8am but woke up at 11am and refused to move her leg. That was it, it was time to stop by Urgent Care and make sure that nothing was broken.
This would be Valentina's first time at Urgent Care in her 3 years and 2 months of life she had never stepped into the ER or Urgent Care and I was so nervous. With Miguel we were always at the ER when he was little, it was our second home and it was such a relief to not have that happen with Valentina.

The staff was excellent and had the best patience ever (more information on that in another post). Valentina hated taking x-rays and there was a lot of crying going on, she wanted me next to her but i had to run behind that little wall to avoid exposure during the x-ray. Every time I ran behind that little wall I would freak out that the apron would fall off or that she would move out of the position she was put in but most of all her crying was breaking my heart. I wanted to stay by her side and hold her hand, it felt like I was failing her. It really hurt as a mom to see her like that.

The good news no broken bones, but if you follow me on Ig @Runchiquitarun then you already knew that :) 
A torn ligament/sprained ankle meant a lot of bed rest for Valentina. It's been rough for her these past few days, just sitting still and crying in pain every time she moves her foot. We've also had sleepless nights and even though I'm sleepy, all I really want is to see my baby up and dancing and running again.

Therefore this, my little space in the internet has been neglected. I am backed up on blog posts and some reviews but i'm a mom above everything else and I've been focusing on Valentina getting better. 
As soon as she is 100% I will be back to normal and this little space of mine will also be back and running normally.

In the meantime please send good vibes for a speedy recovery and that Valentina is up and running by the end of this Weekend.

Kary xo

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