New Hair Equals A New Me

Red Hair, Don't Care
This girl is on fire. 

I've been addicted to doing stuff  to my hair for a while now. I remember being 16 years old and going to Mexico, where I got highlights in my hair for the first time. Only thing is that I wanted blonde high lights and instead they ended up being a grey color which made me look like a witch. It was a little bit hard to get used to but once I did I was rocking that witch hair lol.

It can be so hard to find a hair stylist that you trust and you can continue going to. I did have a favorite hair stylist a few years back and I lasted about 4 years with her until she started losing her touch, with me at least, The last few times she cut my hair she ended up butchering it and I ended up not going ever again.
After that it was a few years since I really had someone that I could trout with my hair and i've been going to different hair stylist. That was until December when I decided to walk in to a hair salon that I've been to a few years back. That's when I met Mario, coolest guy in town.

This girl has always wanted pink hair and thought that at my age it wouldn't be a good idea but Mario helped convince me that it was perfectly fine to rock pink hair and so I did. Seriously no words to explain how excited I was to have pink hair, my hair stayed like that for about 4 months and this time around we deiced to go with my second favorite hair color and picked red.

Now I definitely feel like this girl is on fire. Everyone loved my red hair, I think even more then whenI had pink hair. That means that red hair is here for a while.
The message here is that it's never too late to rock the hair color of your choice

So, next time that you are at that hair salon getting your hair done, go with what's in your heart.

Katy the girl with the red hair

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