There are days when all I want to do is lock myself in a room, but then I remember...

Yes, this is how I feel when the kiddos are driving me crazy. Like if i've aged a thousand years.
You would think that with my son being 13 years old and my daughter 3 years old, the age gap would help a lot but in reality I think it's a little bit harder.
My son is at that age where he's fighting between thinking he's old enough to do what he wants and my daughter fighting with thinking she's a big girl. It can be hard I tell you, especially when it feels like I'm a single mom, which I am not. With husband working the crazy hours that he does, it can take a toll on me. Again I'm not complaining but it is the reality of my life. I love my husband and all the hard work he does for his family. It is thanks to him that I can be a stay at home mom and for that I am ever grateful.
There are days full of happiness and no stress but then there are other days when the kids just drive me crazy and it's on those days that I feel like running away and locking myself in a room, but then I remember that one day my kiddos won't be under the same roof as me. One day the same kiddos that are driving me crazy will want to run away from me because I will be the one driving them crazy.
Yes, it can get hectic at times, when Miguel is slamming the door because he doesn't like the fact that I took his phone away and Valentina is having a tantrum at the same time because she wants that second tootsie roll. Or the time Miguel starts muttering something under his breath and Valentina is laying on the ground crying because I didn't give her what she wanted at that very moment, and my tears just start coming out and spilling down my face. My kids will remind me of the blessing that being their mom is, Valentina will come up to me and say "Mami, why are you crying? I'm sorry" and then Miguel will also apologize. 
 These moments as hard or horrible as they may sound, would not be traded for anything in the world. They are a part of motherhood and I would not trade any single second of that.
There are also those moments when tears come from pure joy and happiness, from amazing laughter that my children bring into my life.

Tears of happiness as I watch them flourish into amazing human beings and as they grow up every single second will be treasured and when that moment comes when I feel like locking myself in a room, I will remember that one day my kids won't be around to drive me a little nuts and that I must enjoy every step of the way, so I don't miss a thing.

A truly blessed mom

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