36 Years of Life

Celebrating 36 years of life and feeling so blessed to be surrounded by those I love the most.

On a day like today, 36 years ago I was born. 
How time goes by and even though sometimes I wish I could turn back time, the reality is that I wouldn't change a thing. Everything happens for a reason and takes us somewhere where we wouldn't have ended up other wise. It's been a rough year in many ways, personally and family wise. This year is the one that I've gained the most weight and after breaking my toe a year ago, it's been extra hard to get back on that wagon. I've had to learn to embrace these new curves, something that has always been hard for me. It's not the first time that self esteem has been a problem for me, but this year is the first that I haven't covered up my curves and I've started to embrace the journey as I try to lose these extra pounds, something that I will be working on this year. Family wise, it's not mine to talk about but let me tell you that it's been rough, so rough that I've caused myself vertigo stress but thus is life. Full of happiness, tears and love. 
Again I've been reminded that as long as I have my family everything will be ok, and together we can make everything ok.

Now to plan this year and make it the best one yet.

My happily ever after has never looked so good and it just keeps getting better.

Kary xoxo

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