Bye New York - Hello Mexico 2017

 Our journey to our final destination in Mexico begins now, well it actually began the moment we arrived at the airport which should have been at around 8pm.
We should be on our plane and getting ready for it to take off.
I'm both excited and sad at the same time, it always gets to me the moment I am actually sitting on the plane. That in a few hours a will be thousands of miles away from my other half.
It is always bittersweet when I leave for Mexico and this time it is even worse, because my husband just lost his mom a few days ago. Am I a bad wife?
Some friends and family said that it is actually good for my husband, he will have alone time to grieve his own way. I know that because of the kids he has held back some tears and I pray that during this time, he does some healing. We will FaceTime everyday and talk on the phone and I know that before we know it, it will be August 18th and the and the kids and I will be flying back to New York City. That day will also have me crying, because I will eave behind family in Mexico.
Especially my grandmother who is 82 years old, every year she says this is the last time you will see me, but every comes and she is right there to greet us :)

I will make sure to enjoy this time in Mexico and also do some healing so that i can be ready to help my husband during these hard days and months to come.

There will also be a lot of Mexican bread that will be sacrificed, I will make sure to eat a little on everyones behalf. A lot of mexican chocolate will be consumed and a lot of hammock swinging as well. Family memories will made and enjoyed. We will vlog as much as possible and I will try to post on Instagram, so make sure to follow us there if you aren't already @Runchiquitarun

My little corner of the internet will not be empty, i've made sure to schedule some fun posts.
 So make sure to come back and check them out, they are Back To School related and something you don't want to miss.

Prayers please for safe travels.
I am traveling with my most precious treasures and Miguel is afraid of flying.
See you guys soon :)

Have a great August!

Kary xoxo

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