Bye Mexico - Hello New York 2017

How time flies, these more then 2 and a half weeks have gone by way too quickly.
The kids and I should be on the car right about now, remember this is a scheduled post.
We should be at the beginning of our journey back home and again it is definitely bittersweet.
After all goodbyes are never fun or easy.

We are coming home to my other half and that makes me happy but I am also leaving behind my grandmother and my parents. Even though I know that they will be coming back to NYC on September 1st, God permit it is always hard saying see you later to them.

I'm hoping that Valentina is not having some sort of breakdown due to the fact that her abuelitos are staying behind. I hope that the fact that she gets to see her dad tonight is making her smile.

Can't wait to upload all the blogs from Mexico, I made sure to edit them while in Mexico that way they'd be ready to upload once we got to NY.

I'm excited to see my husband and because I know that once i get to NY, Fall will definitely be around the corner and that definitely makes me happy :)

Prayers my loves for us, as we start our long journey back home. It's just me and the kids and i'd appreciate the extra prayers.

Our plane should be landing at around 11:30pm

See you all soon!

Kary xoxo

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  1. aww i am sure you had an amazing time. i would love to see all the photos of your trip. please can you share it with us on your blog. sending lots of love for you and your family.