First Day Back To School and I'm Full Of Emotion

I can't sleep and not because I'm a night owl but because tomorrow (well actually today, in less than 3 hours) is Back to School and that means Miguel's first day of High School.
It's amazing how simple milestones in life can take me back to my childhood or teen years, today is no exception.
I'm feeling nauseas, just like the way I used to feel before the first day of School. Yes, I was that child. The one that cried almost every single morning that my mom dropped me off at pre-k. My crying would lead me to the point where I'd end up in the bathroom crying and barfing at the same time. How my mom did it, I don't know. Bills had to be paid and there was no other choice, even though her heart breaker for me, it had to be done. Every day I thank my lucky stars for Miguel and his calmness on the very first time he was left at school. My baby did not cry one single tear, good for me. It was already hard separating from my first born, who was my partner in crime and if he would have ended up crying, he would have been home schooled - ha!
He was brave which really helped out this first time mom, and every change, every school milestone has been a smooth one.
Tomorrow as he gets ready for his first day of High School I pray that this new transition is also a smooth one and that his high school years are full of great memories. It never gets easy, the sending him off to school. After having him at home all Summer, he is missed at home and it feels even worse when Valentina keeps asking me when brother will be home.
For now the great thing is having Valentina at home with me, she's my little partner in crime for one last year. Next year baby girl get's ready for pre-k and she will officially be out in the world. I'm definitely going to be shedding tears as my little partner in crime stays in school. I will treasure this school-less year with baby girl and enjoy.
One thing is for sure, It doesn't get easier but I can't wait to enjoy this next chapter with Valentina.
For now to enjoy all of our free days.

As for my first born, it's going to be beautiful and such a proud moment to see him flourish into an amazing young man.

Wishing him the best on his first day of school and this his first year of high school.

Kary xoxo

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  1. I wish your child all the best for his new beginning. He is already on the road to higher achievements. Good luck to him and you as well.