A Great Shoe That Offers The Comfort Needed When Out On A Run - Mizuno Wave Rider 21 Review #FitFluential

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Mizuno. The opinions and text are all mine. 

Mizuno has done it again, this time with their newest running shoe. 
Mizuno Wave Rider 21 has come out and just in time for this holiday season. 

I've been a big Mizuno Wave Rider fan since 2013, when I got to try the Mizuno Wave Rider 17 and got to run with them during my pregnancy with Valentina. That's a long time to still be faithful to a one brand of running shoes, unless they are the best running shoe out there which in this case they are.
They've been my number one shoe for running, and definitely one of my favorite pairs to use when running. They helped keep me on track during my running journey even when I was pregnant with Valentina. 

Fast forward to 2017 and getting to try the Mizuno Wave Rider 21.
Pink is my favorite color and if it were up to me I would run with pink sneakers always, but color change is also good and that is one thing that I love about the Mizuno Wave Rider, they always come out in different colors. Just look at this beautiful blue color, it's called Baja Blue - Dazzling Blue. They are also available in 3 more colors, making them available in 4 different colors total.
Everyone knows that a shoe can make a difference to help get you out that door, and this pair of shoes offers just that. From style to comfort, just keep on reading.

Let's forget about the color for a little bit, even though you might be a little mesmerized with it right now. When you look for a running shoe the most important thing to focus on is support, you have to be sure what kind of shoe is right for you, whether it's a support shoe or neutral shoe.
 Mizuno Wave Rider 21 is a neutral shoe, and perfect for training and running those races.

They feature that that upper AIRmesh for breathability and comfort. One thing that I definitely appreciate about the Wave Rider l shoe is the Intercool system that that helps your feet stay cool and dry, I can't tell you how many times my feet were about to heat up and that little ventilation system helped.

The Mizuno Wave Rider 21 sole is X10 Sole, made out of a durable carbon rubber that helps provide longer wear, which means being able to save up enough money for that next pair of Mizunos.
For some reason my feet end up eating up all the shoes I wear. I'm a mom who is always on the go and when I love a pic of shoes, I tend to stick to them and wear them 24/7. That especially tends to happen during the Spring and Summer weather when all I mostly wear are my running shoes, no lie people would even think I sleep in them. Well, my Mizuno Wave Riders always hold up and these Mizuno Wave Rider 21 will definitely be the same. 

They also offer great midsole support, which provides comfort each time your foot hits the ground.
But don't take my word for it or the fact that i've been a loyal customer for 4 years now. You can check online to find a retailer near you and try them on your self. You can thank me later :)

I've always loved Mizuno Wave Rider, not only are they available at a great price point $120.00 but they also offer a beautiful shoe that supports you in the correct way.

So, as we get ready for this new year and to tackle all those goals you might have. make sure to spoil yourself or ask Santa Claus for a pair of the Mizuno Wave Rider 21.

And please don't think that you don't need a pair of these shoes if you are just beginning your running journey, because a good running shoe is what will make that experience all that much better and an easy one.

Catch you out there.
Run With Heart Always!

Kary xoxo

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Mizuno. The opinions and text are all mine.


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