Jump For Joy - Kinder Joy Treats Are Finally In The U.S.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Kinder® but the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Kinder Joy treats have landed in the U.S. and everyone can let out a sigh of relief. 
Earlier this month, I got to watch the first batch of Kinder Joy treats be delivered and opened. 

The excitement we felt as we watched the boat that carried the Kinder Joy treats could be felt in the air. Screams and Yay's were let out as they opened the box of Kinder Joy and balloons went up into the sky. I'm not lying when I tell you that the adults screamed a little bit louder than the kids that were present. Can you blame us, treat and a toy all in one finally in the U.S.? 

Now what is Kinder Joy you ask? 
It is a yummy treat that comes with a little toy. You can see from the picture above that Kinder Joy is packaged in an egg shape that can be separated into two separately sealed halves.. One half holds the treat and the other half holds a toy that you can build with your child. There is also a tiny spoon attached to the half that contains the toy. The treat consists of a soft creme layer, and on top you will find two chocolate creme-filled chocolate wafers. The toys are varied and you will be surprised every single time, one thing for sure is that your kids will love building it with you :) And if you are lucky like me, you will get to enjoy the two chocolate wafers while they scoop away the soft creme layer. 

Kinder Joy recommended for what age? 
Kinder Joy is recommended for kids ages 3 and up, due to the fact that the toy has small pieces that need to be assembled and in order for it to fit in the Kinder Joy shell.

Another unique thing about Kinder Joy is that they are gender neutral, they are great for both girls and boys. The treats are not labeled for girl or boy, I mean who said girls can't play with cars and boys can't play with dolls? Kinder Joy sure didn't. 

Kinder Joy treat is a great way for a child to enjoy a little something sweet that also comes with a surprise they can build along with their parent. It makes for a sweet reward or a cute stocking stuffer during this holiday season. They also fit inside a piñata, we have piñatas during the holiday season so I had to make sure and put that out there :) One thing is for sure, if you find some Kinder Joy treats at your local store, you better make sure to buy more than one. 
They will be flying off the shelves for sure. 

Just look at the cute toys that come inside the Kinder Joy. 

As a parent of two kids who love chocolate or anything sweet, I can truly say that I'm loving the fact that Kinder Joy has a nice amount of sweet that satisfies any child's small or big sweet tooth, without having to worry about your child digesting way too much sweet. 

Kinder Joy price wise will be under $2, which makes me especially happy. I've been known to waste more than $4 on other not so good sweets. 

Make sure to get your running shoes on and keep your eyes open, this holiday season..

Kary xoxo

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