Where did time go?!
It seems like only yesterday I was holding my baby girl in my arms.
After being in labor for 16+ hours and almost being born in a cab, she came into the world in full crazy mode. 

My loves, there are times when I will stare at pictures of my children and stay in awe that they are mine. It's hard to believe how fast time has gone by and that I am the mom to a teenager and a 4 year old, who is getting ready to go out in to the real world this coming September 2018.

An exciting year for babygirl it will be, one full of changes and exciting adventures. Wishing her the most magical year ever. May she continue to be bossy, strong, sweet and the happy dancing girl that she is. We love you so much baby girl and you've impacted all of us from the moment we knew that you'd be coming into this world.

To end the night some flowers form her daddy!
Now to get ready for her birthday celebration with the rest of the family that couldn't be with us today.

Kary xoxo

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