A Few Things That Made Me Happy Last Month

Happy March Loves!
I can’t belive how fast February went by, it definitely went by in the wink of an eye.
But this month was a great one, even though January ended on a sour note. February was a great one, here’s just a few things that made me smile this past month.

Valentina got to celebrate another year of life, which means that she is now 4 years old.
She’s also overcome a some of her fears, with the help of friends, family and patience :)

Miguel has been more focused then ever to make his music dream a reality.

I got to take Valentina to Sesame Street Live, a special tradition that we shared with Miguel and now got to experience with Valentina. 

Husbands job closed for a few days which means that I, scratch that WE got to spend more time with him.

My working out at the gym was on fleek, yes I’m using that word because it was that great. It wasn’t until I got sick with bronchitis that kept me away from the gym, but let me stop because this is after all a post about things that made me happy.

My family was just as present as they’ve always been and I got to make special memories with my kids, husband and parents. 

I’m still smiling thinking about all the fun that February brought, now I’m ready see what March has in store.

What was something that made you smile during the month of February.

Kary xoxo

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