IMAX Documentary Amazon Adventure Comes To AMNH & A Giveaway

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. We were provided with tickets to see a showing of Amazon Adventure. All words and opinions expressed are 100% our own as always.

The Amazon Adventure documentary comes to the Imax theater located at the American Museum Of Natural History. It started playing last week March 9th and will show until Mid-September.

With the beautiful weather around the corner and Spring Break being 2 weeks away, now is the perfect time to start making family plans of fun things that you can do during the school break and one that you must add is definitely a stop by the American Museum Of Natural History.
You will love learning about dinosaurs and other amazing stuff that the museum has to offer and while you are at the museum you can catch a showing of Amazon Adventure, the Imax is always a lot of fun.

Amazon Adventure traces the extraordinary journey of 19th-century naturalist and explorer Henry Walter Bates—the most influential scientist you’ve never heard of—who provided “the beautiful proof” to Charles Darwin for his revolutionary theory of evolution by natural selection, the scientific explanation for the development of life on Earth. As a young man, Bates risked his life for science during his 11-year expedition into the Amazon rain forest. The film is a compelling detective story of peril, perseverance, and, ultimately, success, drawing audiences into his fascinating study of animal mimicry, the phenomenon in which one animal adopts the look of another.

Amazon Adventure will run through Mid-September and you can purchase tickets here.

But wait, now for some fun news. 

One C'est La Vie Reader will win a pair of tickets to watch Amazon Adventure at the AMNH Imax theater, for date of your choice. You will also win a T-shirt, bookmark and Tote bag.

Enter Below:

Giveaway ends next Monday, March 26th

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  1. I really hope we win. I would love to take emiliy !! She hasn't been there since she's 2! [Diane @3decades3kids]

  2. I really hope we win. I would love to take emiliy !! She hasn't been there since she's 2! [Diane @3decades3kids]