I am a movie addict you guys, seriously no lie when I say that I love movies. 
My family knows me to re-watch a movie over and over again and thanks to them, my movie collection has grown. I'm gifted one of my favorite movies during the holiday season. Now, since I'm a major movie lover it was truly hard for me to pick just 10 of my favorite movies, a lot of my favorites are not on this list but that doesn't mean that there's no love for them.
And only because this list has 10 it doesn't mean that I can only re-watch these over and over again because you can catch me re-watching movies every single time.

1. Dirty Dancing 
A true love story in the making. This movie just gets to me for so many reasons. I have the soundtrack and know the movie and songs by heart. If you were to ask me what is my favorite song from the movie, it's all of them but if I must pick one or two it would be "These Arms Of Mine by Otis Redding"  and of course the ever famous "I've Had The Time Of My Life By Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes". A memory that will always be treasured is being able to attend the Black Eyed Peas concert in Central Park with Miguel and listening to their version of "Time Of My Life" it started raining when the song came on but that didn't stop us from dancing in the rain.

2. The Cutting Edge 
Another romantic movie yes, i'm a sucker for romance.
This one reminds us that there is always a thin line between love and hate. You never know who you are destined to be with and this movie cracks me up and warms my heart. It also made me want to be an ice skater and when I learned to rollerblade I would imagine myself ice skating.
 My favorite song from the movie soundtrack is "Baby Now I by Dan Reed Network".

3. Legend
Fairies, demons, unicorns and Tom Cruise.
Yes, I said Tom Cruise, this is when my obsession with him might have begun. He might be a little bit psycho BUT man was my crush on him a long one. Anyways, this is hands down one of my favorite movies. My husband gave me a copy back when we were just starting to date and you better believe that I treasure it close to my heart. Can't wait to watch it with Valentina, I've been waiting for her to be just a little bit older because the big demon can be pretty scary.
My favorite song from the Legend Soundtrack is "Loved By The Sun by Tangerine Dream"

4.Young Sherlock Holmes
Mystery and romance, this movie I can watch over and over again yet I don't have a copy for myself. Why I fell in love with this movie I don't know, but one thing is for sure I can watch it non-stop. It truly is a classic and the only Sherlock Holmes movie that I've watched and loved.

5. The Goonies
What's not to love, The Goonies is a Steven Spielberg classic. "Andy, you goonie" scratch that to say "Karina, you goonie". My copy has been watched so many times that I'm going to have to replace it pretty soon and I still make sure to catch it on the television every time it comes on. My copy is just not enough. My favorite song from this movie is for sure a classic "R Good Enough by Cyndi Lauper".

6. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
This movie made me dream of high school life and having a day off with my friends. Always dreamed of saying that I was sick so that I could stay home. The few times that I did all that had to be done was say "I don't feel so good" and it was a little disappointing when I didn't get to do the warmed up thermometer trick or the fake sick voice. It also made me dream of high school romance and what it would feel like to be in love. I'm a sucker for romance :) But Ferris Bueller will always, always hold a special place in my heart. My favorite song from the Ferris Bueller soundtrack is "Twist and Shout by The Beatles".

7. E.T. The Extra Terrestrial
Now E.T. what can I say about Americas favorite alien. It's a love hate relationship with him. When I was little my parents took me to the movie theater with them to see this movie and they I mean we ended up getting thrown out of the movie theater. There's that scene where you can see E.T. hiding in the bushes, well that scene freaked me out so much that I ended up crying my lungs out which made people upset and that lead to us being taken out of the theater. Not lying when I say that he still gives me some sort of heebie jeebies but some years ago my parents, especially my dad started buying me E.T. stuff and they even got me a DVD copy one Christmas, from there E.T. holds a special place in my heart. A special memory that can be shared with my mom and dad.

8. Who's That Girl
Oh Madonna, that crazy girl. This movie also has some funny memories. One that my mom and I like to laugh about now, when I was younger it definitely was not funny. In Who's That Girl Madonna has a little cigar box which holds her cigars, for some reason I thought it was pretty cool. So I decided to find a little box of my own but instead of holding cigars it held hair pins which for me represented cigarettes. I'd go to a little corner of our apartment and start puffing on my
"cigarettes" when my mom found me doing that it was the end for sure. It's funny to talk about it now and makes me want to watch this movie right now. As far as favorite song from this movie it has to be "Who's That Girl by Madonna".

9. The Twilight Saga
Stop shaking your head, which I hope is not true but I know that a lot of people will think "she really added the twilight saga" to her favorite movie list. I watched every single one in the movie theater. I was in line at Barnes and Nobles for some of the book releases and Miguel joined me every single time. Shirts were bought and posters for when we got to meet Stephanie Meyer. It was a party every single time. Oh, the memories. I've rewatched every single Twilight movie over and over again. I have all soundtracks on my iPod and like to listen to the songs. I've re-read the books over and over again and I still love them. I've got figurines and Funko Pops but you probably get by now that I might be slightly obsessed with this saga. As far as favorite song, all soundtracks are on my iPod. No favorite song here. I love them all.

10. Monsters Inc.

I had to add a cartoon, it could have been Toy Story or Land Before Time but Monsters Inc holds a special place in my heart. The first time we saw baby boo, everyone said look thats you when you were little and my mom took out a picture she had of me where I'm dressed like baby boo and wearing my hair up like her in two little ponytails. It's such a beautiful story, seriously no words to explain why I love Monsters Inc so much but I do and 17 years later I am still waiting for the second part to come out to see what happens when Mike opens that door and boo says Kitty. Makes my heart melt every single time.

There you go, these are just a few of my favorite movies. I'm thinking of doing it different next time and maybe do a favorite cartoon, family or horror one. Make sure to stay tuned.
In the meantime go check these out if you already haven't :)

What are some of your favorite movies?

Kary xoxo

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