Celebrating Parenthood & Babies With #Walmart Sip And See Southern Style

Being a parent can be overwhelming, whether you are a new to be or veteran parent. Especially when it comes to shopping the essentials. Knowing what to buy and what not to buy, can definitely get a little crazy and stressful at times. An added stress that can be avoided, with a few tips I will be sharing.

If you follow me on Instagram then you got a glimpse of last week's fun happenings. I was invited to attend Walmart's Sip And See event, a take of the Southern tradition where new moms introduce family and friends to their baby.
I got to spend my morning with Walmart's team of baby experts and got a close up look at what's new and a definite must have when it comes to baby and toddler products.
The beautiful table that greeted us, yummy lemonade and some sweet treats. Quick note regarding that lemonade, it was so hot that day here in NYC and lemonade has never tasted so good.

Feeding Baby:

We started first with feeding baby and toddlers. It's amazing how products change so fast.
Valentina is only 4 years old and the products that are now available would have truly been a game changer when she was little.
First let's start with The Beeboo, shown floating in picture above. No, it doesn't float but it is still a must have. It is a free hand bottle holder designed to enhance the feeding time between you and baby.
The best thing is that it is just one of the amazing products that can be found at Walmart.

Walmart also knows what babies and toddlers need when it comes to snacks. You can find some fun veggie chips, cookies, and yogurt melts under their own personal brand - Parent's Choice and the best thing is that prices start at as low as $1.00 and some at even .56 cents. I got to sample some at the event and let me tell you that even I would munch on these Parent's Choice snacks. So make sure to stock up next time you see them.

Name Brands We Know And Love At Walmart:

They are not lying when they say that Walmart is a superstore and anything can be found there. Aside from their own Parent's Choice brand products. They also carry name brands that we know and love as shown above, at an affordable price. You will find diaper bags and great travel systems for everyday use or traveling. You can check out all the products and try them around while you are there.


 Walmart does so much for our environment that I was unaware of and it truly opened up my eyes more and made me appreciate them that much more as well.
Walmart Parent's Choice diapers and training pants come with different fun and familiar prints and characters. Characters that our kids love, like the Paw Patrol that are shown above
which are exclusive to Walmart, they are amazingly soft. Everyone knows that the most expensive thing when it comes to babies and toddlers are diapers, those darn things will be the death of your wallet. There have been plenty of times that I've bought genetic branded diapers or training pants and have been so disappointed that I've ended up throwing away entire packs (or donating them if accepted). It's a good thing that I was able to touch and feel firsthand the Parent's Choice diapers and let me tell you, that for my next baby we will using those. Not only are they affordable but they are great for baby, please trust me when I tell you to give them a try.

Now can we talk about their Parent's Choice wipes. They have two new and exclusive to Walmart packs that are amazing and just perfect. The first ones are the Parent's Choice Micellar Wipes, they are wipes with a unique combination of a cloth-like wipe and Micellar Water. Yes, Micellar water can be found in beauty wipes, so not only are they great for babies but they are also perfect for moms and much cheaper - shhhhh.. don't tell anybody I told you.
The second pack is the Parent's Choice Cotton Wipes. Yes, 25% of the Cotton wipes are made up of fibers from recycled cotton. I'm telling you that Walmart is doing great things and i'm so excited to have been able to test out some of these products. But wait it doesn't stop here.

The Parent's Choice potty trainer not only is the cutest and amazingly affordable at only $13 but it is also made from recycled plastic.
Recycled plastic - does it get better than that? Yes, it does! This potty makes it fun for little ones to want to use the potty. When they pee a sticker appears. I know Valentina would love to use it, just to see the sticker pop up.

Must Have Products For Baby:

If you would have told me during my baby shower that I'd suck my baby boogies out with a gadget, I would have told you no-no-no but a parent has to do things that we'd never imagined and thanks to Nose Frida I get to do just that, suck Valentinas boogies out of her nose. Ok, if you did a little face there trust me when I tell you that it's not that bad and it's actually kind of cool. Not only is it good for babies nose, but it will help with a lot of sleepless nights. At Walmart you will find some cute Nose Frida collections that will help relieve babies nose and stomachs, they also have products for babies stubborn gas. So do yourself and any new to be parent a favor and buy these sets for them or you.


As parents what works for us doesn't necessarily mean that it will work with other parents, and Walmart is well aware of that. Another way that they are showing that is with the drink ware available for babies and toddlers. From glass bottles to their new and exclusive Parent's Choice Insulated stainless two handled sippy cups and bottles. Helping to keep cold drinks cool and hot drinks warm.

Exclusives At Walmart:

Walkers for babies just keep getting cooler, just look at the one above. A parent might not be able to have a Ford Mustang but who's to say that your baby can't either. This fun walker that is exclusive to Walmart is 2 in 1. When baby is done with the walker part and is ready to walk on his or her own the ford is taken apart to become a push cart, helping baby to walk by him or herself. Oh, and the pink Ford mustang will be coming out in a few months :)

With Valentina not being a baby anymore it's crazy how out of loop I was with some of the newest must have baby products.
Walmart makes it easy for parents to make the right choice and helps us spend our money wisely. Not only are they great for our wallets but they are also great for our planet earth. You better believe that Walmart's Parent Choice will become a staple in our home.

Make sure to check out all the products shown above at your local Walmart or online at www.Walmart.com and follow Walmart on Instagram and Twitter so you are in the loop on the latest news and newest products available for you and your family.

Kary xoxo

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Walmart. The opinions and text are all mine.


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