There Are Lines That Must Not Be Crossed, Because Once You Do, You Can Never Go Back

"It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light"

The first thing that anyone will advice you to do when you are mad and arguing with a loved one or someone else that is important to you, is for you to walk away and stop talking before you say something that you will regret, because once that line is crossed theres no going back or taking it back. Well that happened last night, but I was the one caught in the middle.
Getting caught in the middle is never easy, especially when it's between two people who are so important to you. The only way its made easier is when one of the sides goes way over the line, makes it a little bit easier to see who was right and who was wrong. Last night was one of those times, a line was crossed, respect was lost and things will never be the same. I was put in the middle and in the end it was hard to pick which way to go but there was truly only one way to go and change is definitely a must. I've been crying all day and since my face can be an open book and it's very easy for me to show my emotions, anyone who's seen me today has been able to see the sadness behind the smile that I've forced on my face. My kids have made me smile but still behind that smile you can find sadness because things will never be the same.

One thing that I was reminded of last night, was to take a breather when I feel like I'm getting mad, walk away, just stop talking because no matter how many times you tell yourself to think before you speak there are times when it doesn't matter and words will just pop out. Words that can hurt a person and kill a relationship, no matter what kind of relationship it is, even the strongest one can suffer and never be the same.

With that said change must always be embraced, because it's good for the soul and God knows how hard change can be for me.


Kary xoxo

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