Finally Made That Leap & Registered Valentina For Pre-K

"I hope you believe in yourself, as much as I believe in you."

It still feels so surreal to me, it seems like only yesterday I was finding out that I was pregnant with Valentina and after she was born, the years just went by way too fast. So much faster then when Miguel was little. Yesterday, we finally registered her for Pre-K. The deadline is this Friday and I just kept putting off for weeks. Because I knew that the moment she was registered for Pre-K it would make it real that next year she would officially fly out of the nest, she would go out into the world. I'm not ready to let her go, it's always so hard to send them out into the world. What will I do without my little partner in crime with me. The worst thing is that I'm so used to going out and leaving her with my mom or husband, she's never stayed with anyone else and it's so hard to imagine her with someone who is not family.
We've already started the process of preparing her mentally, everyday we talk about when she goes to school, how it will only be her and mommy will come back home or go to work (if a part time job pops up, aside form blogging), all the friends she will make and all the art she will make as well. There are days when she will wake up and ask me, if its' time to go to school. Then there are other days when she will cry to not go, even though she still hasn't started. Miguel was never a cryer when dropped off at school or during the first day of school, but all those who know me and baby girl are worried that she will cry in that first day of school. She is so attached to her family, especially me. Somedays she has what we in Spanish call "mamitis", when she only wants to be with me and no one else. Those are the hardest days. As we continue to countdown the days and weeks, I pray that Valentina has the best school year ever. That the transitioning from staying at home to going to school is an easy one and that the only tears that come out are mines, not in front of her of course. I'll make sure to cry after she's been dropped off at school and I'm walking by myself,
  I've already cried a little at night, especially when I watch her sleeping.
My baby, my babies. 
So hard to let the fly.

Kary xoxo

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