I think this is the first time that I've been so quiet about our Summer trip to Mexico, and it's for so many reasons. I'm always sad to leave my husband behind when we go on vacation, but this time I'm really 50-50.
As we hit the one year mark of Humbe's mom passing away due to cancer, it really settled in to his head that she's not here and that he won't see her anymore. He's been very sentimental about us leaving to Mexico and it breaks my heart. The trip would have been postponed for next year but like my husband knows that life is too short and I'm blessed to still have one of my grandmothers be alive, he makes sure that I go to Mexico and enjoy sometime with her. It's always a nice getaway for the kids as well and each year they ask "when are we leaving for Mexico"

So as you read this, we will be up in the clouds flying to Mexico. Our plane arrives at Mexico City at 5:40 am and for the first time in 8 years we will be staying the city for a few days. Lots of adventures already planned and I can't wait to record videos for our Youtube channel and take pictures to share on our blog.

Make sure to follow us on social media @runchiquitarun and say a little prayer for safe travels for us please!

For the first time since we started going to Mexico in the Summer, I think it will be the first time that my little corner of the internet stays quiet. I've been spending time with husband, and forgot to pre plan some posts and edit youtube videos.

But we will be back and with lots of stories to share!

So follow along on Instagram and see you all soon

Kary and Familia

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