#JustAPlaygroundParty Recap - Celebrating Cooler Temperature & Unplugging

Disclosure: We were sent product to facilitate our playdate. All words and opinions expressed are 100% our own.

How is it possible that we are almost on our second week of October and that I'm just now sharing a recap of our #JustAPlaygroundParty playdate.
But we've been so busy these past few days and this mommy is still trying to get used to having her baby girl in pre-k and balance working from home while making sure to spend time with her kids when they get back from school, especially when our afternoons are also full of activities.
A few days ago we got to host our third playdate and we had the perfect weather for unplugging and moving around.
Each time we plan out a playdate we make sure it's something that's fun for the kids and will have a special message. This time it was being able to unplug and get moving outdoors.
With the way our kids (I talk from experience) are connected to tablets or phones, it was great to see them free play for more than 3 hours. 

Thanks so much to our sponsors Goliath Games and Harmless Harvest for sending out some fun products that would help keep our kids up and moving, while running around non-stop 
and also kept hydrated with some yummy coconut water.
All of the products were a big hit with the kids and adults.

Everyone knows that a picture speaks a thousand words and the pictures above only show half the fun that was had. We were at the park for a little over 3 hours and the kids still couldn't stop running around, where do they get their energy from I just don't know.
It was a beautiful reminder of how nice it is to get outside and get moving, no matter how tired you are. Walking around is always good for the soul and makes for a great bonding moment. Us adults also got to unplug and therefor didn't get to take a lot of pictures but when we did snap away we captured some pretty good memories.

Kids and adults especially loved the Zoom Ball game, boy was everyone feeling the workout in their arms. There were kids playing against their parents and it made for some fun non-competitive competitions, a lot of laughs were had. 

It was all about unplugging and with so much to do it was pretty easy. A reminder of how a ball and slides can make a difference and be the perfect motivator when little ones feel like going outside is boring. Valentina loves to go outside and even though she is full of energy there are days when she refuses to go outside because she's watching some show on her tablet and this was just the perfect reminder of all the fun that can be had when you disconnect from electronics.

This is the reason we do the #JustAPlaydate events. Just look at those smiles, all of our kid influencers got to play old school. The way their moms and dads got to play before there were any tablets and phones, it was also a reminder to us parents of how important to is to unplug once and a while.

What's something you do to help you and your kids unplug?

Kary xoxo

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