#JustAPajamaParty Fun & Recap

Disclosure: Thank you so much to all the brands who supported us and made this event possible. All words and opinions are 100% our own as always.

Can’t believe how fast these past few weeks have gone by. It seems like we were getting ready for the holiday season and now Christmas is just 4 days away. That also means that it’s officially been a month that we hosted our #JustAPajamaParty event. It was not your traditional pajama party and that made it that much more special. Plus, thanks to all of our amazing sponsors our kid influencers got to experience a memorable night.

Growing up I never got to experience a pajama party, part of it had to do with one of the house rules, which was not being allowed to sleep over at someone’s house who wasn’t family and the second part had to do with me being so shy that I hated being away from my parents. Serious,  detachment problems. I couldn’t sleep over at my aunts house without crying because I missed my parents. Ha! I’m sure they are wishing their kids were crying to not be away from them right about now. Instead of all grown up and living with their other half’s. 
Now Valentina on the other hand has been asking to have a pajama party and sleepover with her friends or cousins. So when the idea of having a non-traditional Pajama Party came up, you better believe that I silently started jumping up and down. This event was pretty easy to plan out, the only thing that was hard, was planning out the time and how long it would last. Everyone knows that when you are having fun and hanging out with friends you lose track of time. 
Our Pajama Party would take place at the Homewood Suites and we made sure to arrive early so we could get everything in our room organized and of course switch into our pajamas, because what’s a pajama party without Pajamas. 
This was our first time stepping into a hotel in NYC and we fell in love with Homewood Suites, the name says it all. it definitely is homie and perfect for staying with the family. They might have won us over with their coffee and hot chocolate bar that they offer for free downstairs in the lounge. The girls would later go down in their pajamas and enjoy some hot chocolate.
I've definitely put it down in our must go to places next time we do a staycation. My boys would love it and i'd love the family memories.

Our girls got to switch into their pajamas and slippers that were supplied by one of our sponsors - KidCity Stores.

Nickelodeon Girls 7-14  2-Piece JOJO Long Sleeve Pajamas
How cute are the girls pajamas, not going to lie when I tell you that I was a little jealous of all the pjs that the girls got to wear. So many fun prints, materials and most important of all, comfort. Valentina is the pickiest when it comes to wearing pajamas and won't wear it, unless it is comfortable and cute! She loved her pajama set and the fact that it had Jojo on them.
 They kept her warm and would continue to do so on what would be our longest night, but enough of that. Back to pajama party. 
I loved watching the girls faces light up as we handed them their pajamas and slippers, which can also be found on the KidCity Stores. As a mom I'm always trying to find affordable clothes and shoes that my children will feel comfortable wearing, because comfort is always a plus. KidCity Stores offer just that, and I love being able to share with my fellow moms when they ask where Valentina got her clothes from.

What's a pajama party without some magic. We were excited to partner up with A Princess Like Me NYC. A company that focuses on helping parents no stress about entertaining the little ones. It is gender neutral and prefect for little girls and little boys. It was a pajama party and our little princesses couldn't stop staring at the special Unicorn Princess that joined them at the Pajama Party. They got to dance, read a book together and then enjoy some arts and crafts as the princess added some fun jewels to their little faces. 

Talk about magic. How cute and happy does this little Kid Influencer look?!

Girl time means girl fun, which for our girls meant playing some fun board games featuring some of their favorite characters, thanks to Pressman Toy. Pikmi Pops Lollipop Chase and Pikmi Pop N Race. These are a part of our family game night and should also be a part of yours, it is a great way to unplug and make fun memories.

When you think friendship, one thing that comes to mind is wanting to share a special token with your friend. Something that can be treasured. We were excited for the girls to make bracelets and then exchange them between each other, which meant everyone went home with a bracelet made by one of their friends at the Pajama Party. Everyone took a turn at the Kumi Kreator station, from Spinmaster and with the help of an adult they got to pick the colors and then twist and twist until the bracelet was done. A fun and sweet token that our kid influencers got to take home with them.
Handmade is always better!

What a special treat when you get to read a book published by a friend. Thanks to our friend Natasha D'Anna who gifted a copy of her book Twindollicious: Summer Camp Here We Come our little book worms got to add a new book to their book shelf. It especially came in hadn't to us during our hospital stay and it made Valentina smile when she remembered that she knew the author and her daughters. They were a part of our Pajama Party group and were able to make the special delivery themselves when they were at the party.

When I think Fancy our Kid Influencers always come to mind, and when Jakks Pacific sent out Fancy Nancy dolls for our girls I knew they'd squeal with joy. Especially since they all love to watch the show, how great is it to be able to watch your favorite show and have one of your favorite characters hang out with you. Valentina loves carrying around her Fancy Nancy doll, especially when she knows it's for a coffee outing, yes, yes Fancy Nancy is all about the Tea but not in our household, lol.

Soon it was time to end our Pajama Party and what better way to say see you later and thanks for coming then with confetti with a doll. Our Kid Influencers got to say goodnight with a bang, they each got to each pop a Party Popteenie. There was a lot of glitter and laughter going around. Definitely a great way to end a non-traditional Pajama Party, wouldn't you say?
Plus, they each got to go home with a double popper. 
Perfect for New Years wouldn't you say? 
Unless the your child is like Valentina and they are anxious to see which Party Popteenie doll they got.

It was a great Pajama Party full of friends, laughter and lots of fun, that would not have been possible without all of the amazing brands that supported us and sent out goodies for all of our Kid Influencers.
We personally hope to have a redo, if we do make sure to stay tuned to how that one ends.

Kary xoxo

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