The Time I Called A Teacher A Beach

Ok, let me be clear I really didn't call a teacher a bitch, not to her face to be exact. Yes, yes, some might say that the title is some sort of click bait but it really isn't. The following story happended to me some years back, when I was in elemantary school to be exact and it's a story that my mom and I go back to once in a while. Just the other day as my son and I spoke, it was time to tell him for told story and then it came to me to write about it, because as the time goes by and my kids grow up, this little space of mines is a place that I wish my kids can come back to and read what I've shared.

Everyone has that one teacher who is mean or just seems to really not care. My first encounter with said teacher was when I was in elementary school. She was on the older side and till this day I remember her lunch was tunafish, white crackers and gingerale every single day. Her face half covered with oversized, bifocal glasses with a light tint to them. You are probably thinking every child at this age thinks their teachers are mean, not true. I remember having some of the sweetest teachers and as we moved up in grades I dreaded having her as a teacher. It wasn't until 4th grade came around that Mrs.Glasses (we will call her that for privacy reasons) ended up being my teacher. Uff, talk about being excited. She literally sucked out all the fun, out of school and to make it worse I ended up with my very own bully in the same class, who was the best teachers pet. This girl loved to say that she was a tween because her period had arrived early, so when I walked in on her in the school bathroom and packs of ketchup she wasn't happy and so the bad words and being mean started happening. Mrs.Glasses loved picking on me for no reason, I hated it and dreaded going to class, yes, yes I know the question everyone is asking "what about telling your mom" For me that wasn't an option that I had or wanted. My mom didn't speak english very well and the girls parenst were not your normal parents with who you could talk to. They would always hang around with the wrong kind of people and I just didn't want to put my mom through it, and the day that I didit ended up with my mom being called a bitch by so called girl. It was afterschool and my mom noticed me looking upset and asked me to tell her what was going on, so when I started crying and told her she decided to try and talk to the girl. It was afterschool and as the kids started walking out to meet up to their parents my mom walked up tp the girl and asked if she could speak with her, girl rolled her eyes and started to walk away and my mom asked again that if they could talk about why she was bothering me. The girl, who was around 9 years old turned around and said "no, you bitch. We can't talk about it". My mom had an accent anc coudn't speak english that good, that's when I just decided to tell her that she had said some sort of apology so that we could walk away. It just got worse from there but right now let's go back to the teacher incident. One day as we did some group work, the girl told the teacher that I was playing around too much and not doing work. Not true and the girl wasn't even in the same group, but like I mentioned before she was a teachers pet. The teacher moved me to sit by myself to do my work, I was mad, and all I wanted to do was cry and go home but I couldn't so the next best thing. Write a little personal not to myself, sort of a diary entry. I grabbed my notebook and drew a little stick figure person with the following words "Mrs.Glasses is a bitch" something that I really do believe until today. The bell rang and I quickly ripped the paper out of my notebook, crumpled it up into a little ball and threw it away in the garbage. I threw it away in the garbage, sorry to write that again but it's shocking to me what happened next. The girl went into the garbage, took out the ball of paper, read what it said and gave it to the teacher. The next day the teacher spoke to me outside of the class "You think I'm a bitch"? I was in shock, I've never told her to her face. What I told her next is the only funny part of the story. I tried explaining that what I really meant to say was that "Mrs.Glasses was at the beach" whenever I say this part it cracks me up. After that she called my mom in and as I waited in the hallway for her, other teachers came in to speak to Mrs.Glasses she would say, that's the girl that called me bitch and they would look at me with distaste. But you see there's the thing, I never called her a bitch to her face. I wrote it down for me, my personal thoughts, sort of a diary entry. Why did it have to blow up out of proportions, why was I a villain. Am I wrong to be angry? 
Again my parents really couldn't do anything, becuase Ididn't say anything and they were fixing their immigration status and in those years it was a little bit tough, so it really was about not calling a lot of attention to yourself. My mom really didn't scold me, she was disappointed and now as the years have gone by we laugh about it. 
Would have I wanted a little bit of more support or someone to stand up to Mrs. Glasses and take my side? yes, I would have. At this point in my life, i've come to realize that everything, absolutely everything happens for a reason. 
I like to tell this story to Miguel and remind him that he will always have my support no matter what, yes, no matter what. And if this would have happened to him I would have taken his side. 
In no way am I angry at my mom or dad and if I could turn back time, it would be great to put Mrs.Glasses in her place and let her know that she was wrong. I'm sure that somebody did put her in her place eventually, a girl can hope and if not then what can I say. Que sera, sera!

Now to my parents I thank them for always trying their best to keep me safe and for always having my back when they could. I love them dearly and they mean the world to me!

Was there ever a Mrs.Glasses in your life?

Kary xoxo

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