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Valentines Day is around the corner and I'm not lying when I tell you that I've been counting down the days to when Valentina would ask for little Valentines day goodies for her friends. There's something special about celebrating friendship when you are little, that truly makes it magical. But when your child has 17 classmates and has to give a little something to each one, it makes you run around to find something that is budget friendly and perfect for each little friend.
I'm excited to share that Bulls I Toy is taking out the running around and breaking the bank out this Valentines Day, with their new toy line.

Lol Mini Bows
If your little one is obsessed with lol dolls, then this is perfect. Not only because each bow features their favorite lol dolls but because each package can be separated into two, that way your little one can share a bow with her best friend.
They are perfect for reminding our little ones how important friendship and sharing is.

Retail Price $4.99

Squish Ums Poo Pets
Mix squish ums and one of the kids favorite emojis and you get - Squish Ems Poo Pets. It will be the first time that I will say poo and cute in the same sentence. Your little ones will love the element of surprise and trying to guess which poo pet they will get. The best part, they will love sharing them with their friends. Even adults will love using poo pets as stress relievers.
There are a total of 16 poo pets to collect.

Retail Price $4.99

JoJo Sequin Pillow Keychain
Valentina loves hanging keychains to her backpack, it's the perfect way for her to add that personal touch to her backpack and lunch bag. We loved opening these up and trying to see which one she'd get. It was pretty exciting when she opened it up and got a sequined bow. They are also reversible, so it's like they are getting 2 in 1. You can never go wrong with bows, hearts and sequins.

Retail Price $5.99

Cutie Beans Hello Kitty

I might have squealed a little bit when I saw the Hello Kitty & Friends Cutie Beans. Especially when I saw it featured some of my Sanrio favorites. Valentina felt my excitement and also screamed a little, she let me open one up. Which means that these are also great for adults as well.
They are super soft and cute to carry around.

Retail Price $5.99

Cutie Beans Gudetama

Valentina loves Gudetama. I mean what's not to love about a grouchy egg who dresses up in cute outfits. These were a lot of fun to open up and also very cute to carry around. For some reason, even though they are cutie beans like the Hello Kitty and Friends one, they are a tad bit less softer. Still very cute and perfect for collecting.

Retail Price - $5.99

All of these products can be found at Target. We already spotted them at our local store, so make sure  to head to yours and stock up on a few before they sell out.

These are some of the Poo Pets that we unboxed. To see everything we got, follow us on Youtube and Instagram.

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Kary xoxo

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