Things To Do NYC Edition - King Kong Takes Broadway

Disclosure: This post is made possible by support from King Kong Broadway. All opinions are my own.

Broadway shows always make for a memorable and fun night. A few days ago I was invited to attend King Kong Broadway. It would be me and a guest, who to pick was the answer? It was between my husband, Valentina and Miguel. There was only one choice and it would be my partner in crime when it comes to broadway shows. So Miguel and I headed downtown on a snowy and rainy evening, the weather would not keep us away from watching King Kong Broadway.

I always like to google reviews when I'm going to be watching something, even though I hardly ever agree with them. It's just part of my ritual, lol. The reviews for King Kong were mixed and that made me even more excited, because I love proving bad reviews wrong and this would be no exception.
First of all the entire cast, which means the one present on stage and behind the curtains of King Kong, is just amazing and a reminder of what a village can do when they come together.
In this case bring an amazing performance that will take your breath away and have you on the edge of your seats.

Every single person in King Kong plays an important role and everyone single one is essential. I laughed, cried a little and even jumped a few times. Everytime I jumped Miguel laughed at me and kept saying how he wished Valentina was there, to see her reaction when King Kong was on stage.
It really was funny how many times I jumped during the show.
Christiani Pitts who plays Ann Darrow will mesmorize you with her voice, which is amazing. And even though everyone on stage had me laughing and enjoying King Kong Broadway, I was really counting down the minutes until the King himself made his appearance on stage. Believe me when I say that it was spectacular to be able to see King Kong on stage, It is breathtaking and surreal, a little bit scary because he looks so life like. Do you know that he weighs 2 tons and it takes 10 puppeteers to maneuver him on stage. That is a lot of manpower. Not only that but they rehearse everyday for about 7 hours, with 8 shows every 6 days. You see what I mean about a village coming together to bring us, the audience what is a spectacular night of Broadway.

My favorite was watching King Kong running through the streets of NYC. It's amazing, to see him come to life. There's this one part that will have you crouching in your seat, don't want to spoil the surprise so will make sure to not give out any spoilers. Just know that there is nothing like watching King Kong on Broadway. If you are like me and you cry at the end of King Kong every single time, then you will definitely cry when you watch it happen on stage. If you are planning a broadway show, make sure to add King Kong. The show is recommended for kids ages 8 and up but if your little one is 5 years old and doesn't scare easy as well as loves adventures and will understand that King Kong is not real, then go for it and take them along. Younger kids under 4 years old are not permitted in the theater.

Don't take my word for it and also make sure to check out this audience testimonial video:

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