Walk.Ride.Rodeo Viewing Party

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Movie night is a family tradition where we get to bond over laughter, and sometimes tears. It 
always takes on a special meaning, especially when it involves a movie that with a heart warming message.We got to host a viewing party for Walk.Ride.Rodeo which is now streaming on Netflix.

Walk.Ride.Rodeo is based on a true story and it follows the story of Amberley Snyder a nationally ranked barrel racer. Valentina couldn't wait to watch it, especially after showing her the trailer. Her first reaction was "Oh, pobrecita mami. She won't be able to walk again or ride her horse" My reply to her "You just watch. mami. You will see how strong you can be if you really fight for what you want."

From the moment Walk.Ride.Rodeo started, Valentina couldn't keep her eyes off the screen. She also couldn't stop asking questions, part of her nature when watching movies she really likes. You can find her asking question, because she wants to make sure that she is really understanding the movie.
She only moved from her seat to pick up some snacks, she wouldn't even move to go next to her Abuelita during what she called scary parts.
Walk.Ride.Rodeo made us cry, smile and cheer very, very loud. I'm pretty sure our next door neighbor could hear us and kept on wondering what we were watching to make us scream so loud.
When the movie finished we got to talk about our feelings afterwards and Valentina's words were "Strong & Brave". We all agreed that the beautiful message behind Walk.Ride.Rodeo is that life is so precious and how everything can change in a matter of seconds. But with persistence, determination and the support of loved one anything is possible. You need to want to be able to achieve your dream and have the support of people who will cheer you on during your journey.
With that you will be able to make your dreams come true!

Nationally ranked barrel racer Amberley Snyder barely survives an automobile accident. 
Now paralyzed from the waist down, she fights to earn back her place in the sport she loves.

Rated TV PG

Languages it can be heard in: 
English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and English - Audio Description Assistive.
English, Spanish, French, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese

Started streaming on Netflix March 8, 2019
A must watch!
Make sure to add it to your must watch and be ready to feel like you can take on the world.

Oh, and don't forget to get those snacks ready because you won't want to miss a second of Walk.RideRodeo.
No viewing party is complete without yummy treats. Ours included were yogurt and some fruit snacks. Not pictured above, some chocolate covered strawberries and popcorn of course.

Kary xoxo

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