Wonder Park Inspired Amusement Park

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Part of being a child is your imagination and letting it be free. As a parent I've loved watching my children grow up and watch them go on imaginative adventures. 
 When I saw the trailer for Wonder Park I almost cried a little bit, part of it being that I'm a baby cry and another part of it was because I've already watched how my oldest son left that part behind and now I get to watch my youngest embrace her imagination.
Wonder Park reminds us of the beauty that is imagination.

Wonder Park is all about building dreams.
Valentina got to build her own amusement park and let her toys roam free and have fun.
We used the Thames & Kosmos Amusement Park Engineer Set and off they were, by them I mean husband and Valentina. He got to lay out the pieces for her and help her stick them together, she told him how and which way they would be placed.

Just look at her face, she's making sure that daddy follows the instructions.
Not only was it great to see her get to work and bring to life her amusement park but I loved getting her to go screen-less for a few hours.
She did take a few breaks in between to build some cool gadgets, that made me laugh along the way and even more anxious to see what she would come up with.

She made some weights to make sure that she could join her abuelito or brother, when they worked out. We put some music on and she got in a few sets, this girl cracks me up.

Next, she made a telescope so we could watch the birds that fly over the sky when we drop her off at school.
And then came what we were all waiting for.

Presenting the LOL Surprise Amusement Park.
Here you will find the longest slide full of ups and downs, a pool on the side and some fun activities that the littles can climb as they go up to go down the slide.
The best part is that her amusement park will change every time she re builds it. 

Valentina spent hours playing and imagining all the fun that her littles were having at the amusement park. She hasn't stopped playing this way for a few days now, and it's made my heart flutter to see her  imagination come to life.

Wonder Park follows a precocious 8 year old with a knack for engineering designs a spectacular imaginary amusement park, only to discover that it has become real. But when her beloved park is threatened, only she can save her creation - with the help of her soaring imagination and some very special friends.

Rated PG

Is now playing in theaters.
Make sure to grab some tickets and let everyones imagination go free.

We are hoping to watch it this weekend!

Kary xoxo

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