All About The Music Life

Music is a piece of art that goes in the ears straight to the heart.

I'm still reeling from last nights Spring Concert at Carnegie hall where Miguel got to be a part of.
It's been 2 years that Miguel let us know that music was officially a part of him and something that he loved to do. We've been by his side since day 1 and have helped him any way possible. From getting a new computer so he could compose his songs and a microphone for his late night recordings. 
There are nights where you will find me sneaking to his door, to try and listen to what he's working on. He doesn't like to be interrupted while he's in the process of composing, definitely something I understand. 
I remember practicing for the choir or when I'd compose songs in high school and it was nice to do it in silence and with no interruptions.
Still, I can't help sticking my ear to the door as I try not to cry. 
Yes, cry. Because there is nothing more beautiful than watching your child work hard towards making his dreams come true and doing something that he loves. So when we found out that he would be a part of the Spring Concert, we were super anxious and husband make sure to ask for a day off from work so he could be there as well.

Proud parents and little sister. She saw somebody selling roses outside and she insisted on getting Miguel a blur rose, pictured above.

What a beautiful feeling it was to hear Miguel on stage. For him to be able to share his music with others. I'm excited fo next year, when he will officially be going to songwriting class and singing class.
What a year it will be.
We will continue to root for him and cheer him on from the sidelines, and one day when he let's me I will make sure to share here as well.

Kary xoxo

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