Jakks Pacific New Disney Aladdin Toys Are Magical

How fun it is to be able to watch one of your favorite movies and be able to re-create some of the magic at home with friends. Jakks Pacific does just that every time they bring out a new line of toys that features a movie that will be coming out soon, that is one of the reasons that they are one of our favorite brands. Not only are they amazing quality, but they are also worth the investment whether it's for your child to play with them or whether you are a collector yourself.

Disneys Aladdin movie is coming out in a few days and what excitement to be able to play with what looks like replicas from the movie. The most exciting part is being able to dress up, Jakks Pacific never fails.

This Jasmine doll is so beautiful in person. The details are amazing and the best part is that will match with your little girl when she wears her Jasmine dress, which is also a part of this new line.
When the green pendant on her necklace is pressed down, she will sing "Speechless" song from the movie. Can I just tell you that Valentina can't stop singing that song and loves making a duo with her new best friend. Jasmine will be going with us to the movie premiere.

I had to use Valentinas picture for this product because that dress is amazing and she won't take it off.
Not only that but she loves matching her Jasmine doll and keeps on spinning around the living room with her doll while singing "Speechless"
The dress fits a size 4-6x and fits Valentina a tad big which makes it perfect because she already added it to her Halloween custom list for this October. With a long sleeve in the bottom of course, October in NYC is very cold.
The dress is pretty and all I can say is that if your little princess likes to dress up, then she needs this dress.

A part of every little girls childhood is being able to dress up like their favorite Disney Princess, not only with the dress but also with the accessories.
Valentina was very excited to be able to put on Jasmines accessories, which added that final touch to her dress. The shoes run like a size 13, which is Vales current shoe size, when she tried them on there was a little bit left for her to fully fill them in. The only problem with them was in the wide part, since her feet are a little on the wider side they did bother her just a little bit. That didn't stop her from wearing them around. The earrings were perfect, especially with them being clip ons, baby girl doesn't have her ears pierced so these might be a part of her everyday wear. The cuff was oh so perfect for her little arm and the crown was just a tad big. Still very beautiful.
Each accessory made out of a sturdy plastic that will last for a lot of play time.

Every time a new line of toys is made for a movie, a special jewelry is a staple and this by far is my favorite. Definitely magical and full of nostalgia, when you press a button found near the carpet "A Whole New World" starts playing and the magic moves with Jasmine and Aladdin looking into the horizon. Your little one will find a surprise when they open the box, a ring to treasure.

You can evoke your very own genie with this magic lamp, not really but how fun to be able to watch your little one play and use their imagination as they ask questions and a genie reply's.
This one is full of funny replies, it features Will Smiths voice so of course it does. It also lights up and shakes, that for me was so funny. Valentina had no idea, so she sort of jumped a little when she asked the genie a question and rubbed the lamp. I won't say anymore because you have to make sure and watch our Youtube channel to see the unboxing video and see her reaction :)

After your little one is all dressed up and ready to party, she can have a tea party with some of her friends or favorite toys. This 8 piece tea set is full of pretty details that little ones and adults alike, will love. Vale hasn't stopped playing with it and has even used real water and cookies, oh boy just imagine the mess. But you know what, it's ok because that is what the imagination and play time is for. After all you are only a child for so long.

Thank you Jakks Pacific for always doing such a great job when it comes to some of our favorite characters. We will always go back to you and look forward to what's new.

In the meantime make sure to pick up a few of these toys and get ready for hours of imagination play.

Kary xoxo

Disclaimer: We were sent some toys from the new Aladdin movie to facilitate this review. All words and opinions are our own.

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