#JustABrunchDate With FreshMadeNYC

Last weekend we got to host our #JustABrunchDate 
It was the perfect way to kick-off the Mother's Day weekend and be reminded how cooking is great for bonding and sharing special moments with your kids.

When Miguel was younger he'd always help me in the kitchen, he especially loved baking cupcakes. Life was also different because I was focused on home and him only. When Valentina was born, I was already blogging and my afternoons were busier, that meant not being able to spend so much time with her, as I did with Miguel.

That also means that Valentina hasn't had that much time in the kitchen with me, not because I don't home cook. It just means that my time spent in the kitchen can be a rushed one or one where I tend to catch up on tv shows while baby girl plays with her dad. It wasn't until this past Saturday at FreshMadeNYC that I was reminded just how special cooking time is and how baby girl and I could be bonding. Seeing her little face as she cut up the vegetables and prepared all the ingredients for a brunch that she said she was making especially for me, made my heart ache. 
It was in that moment that I made a plan of making sure that she is in the kitchen with me at least 2 times a week. Not only is it good for bonding and learning about the process of making foods that go into our bodies, it's also a reminder of how nice it is to not be rushed and that everything doesn't need to be Pinterest perfect.

When FreshMadeNYC let us know that they were interested in collaborating with us and  host us for a special JustAPlaydate event, where our kid influencers would get to cook up a special brunch for themselves and their moms (we did get to taste what the kids made) we couldn't say no. The kids would get to cook and the moms would get to relax and watch the kids do the cooking.

Upon arriving at FreshMadeNYC you instantly feel like you are at home, it's a big spacious space with books for the kids to read while they wait for the class to begin.
The staff is amazing and all of our kid influencers felt at home the moment they went in.

The kids would be making Huevos rancheros, guacamole and whip cream that they would later eat with strawberries. It was great to see them all at ease, chopping, mashing and cutting up ingredients.
For some of the kids it was the first time trying out some of the ingredients and it was fun to see them try it and decide whether it would be added to the foods they eat regularly.

The kids were focused and on a roll, especially when it came to putting together all the ingredients that were set aside. A touch of this and a touch of that, made for a very colorful, fun and yummy dish.
Even Vale who is usually the pickiest eater decided to add a little bit of everything so she could later taste for herself, even if it was just a little bite.

We had some very proud chefs and moms at the end, especially when it was time to taste the final result. I'm not lying when I tell you that I'm happy that Vale decided to just try a bite, because that meant I got to enjoy and entire little tortilla bowl by myself and boy was it delicious.
I made sure to write down all the ingredients and process down, because we will be recreating this yummy dish very soon and will share with you how it turned out.

After cooking up a storm, the kids each got to go home with some little goodies from our second sponsor, StickylickitS- Edible stickers.
All of their ingredients are safe according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
Not only are they sugar free, but they are also peanut free, tree nut free, gluten free and so much more. That means they are perfect for school goody bags and birthday parties.

100% Kid Approved!

Thank you so much to our sponsors, especially FreshMadeNYC for making #JustABrunchDate a successful one and to the amazing staff for helping our little chefs make their moms an amazing brunch.
If you are located in the NYC area and would love to check out FreshMadeNYC, you can sign up for a class and after that you will be hooked, and you can move onto signing up for one of their camps or semesters.
P.S. They also offer adult classes.

Now for some fun news if you sign up to try any of their classes, camps or semesters and use code JUSTAPLAYDATE
you will get 20% off.

Kary xoxo

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