Growing Up Has Just Began, Pre-K Graduation

She did it!
We did it!
Baby Girl had her Pre-K graduation this morning.
What a year it's been, for some periods of time it was like a dark tunnel to which we'd see a very faint light all the way to the end and wondered if we'd ever reach it. Well, we did. This morning to be exact.
What we thought would be an amazing first year of school for Valentinas was a nightmare for more than half of the year, and just when things started to look good and a routine was set in place. It was time to move on and celebrate surviving this year.

As we watched Valentina march in to the auditorium and then march onto that stage and sing 

Oh, what a miracle! Oh, what a miracle!
Every little part of me
I'm something special, so very special
There's nobody quite like me

I was floored, it was like the song was meant just for her. Not only is she our rainbow baby but she's also showed us what brave means.

She pushed through and she was our little warrior princess, everyday she reminds us just how amazing she is.

 Shown above are just a few members of our village and even though not everyone could be there physically, I know that they were there with us spiritually. 
Without them we couldn't have survived this past school year. All the support and love was what kept us going.

Proud parents, yes we are. 
We truly are blessed with two amazing kids. Both are smart, brave, unique, lovable and one of a kind. They are what keep us strong and keep us striving to be the best version of ourselves that we can be.

As we close this chapter and get ready to open the new one, we thank every single person who made in impact in our lives this past year. Whether it was good or bad, you helped us either way.

Now the countdown to the last days of school is officially on.
Only 3 more days!

Summer plans are already in motion and Kindergarten planning has already begun as well.
Now to enjoy this much needed relaxing weekend, which will be spent with family and just watching movies at home.

Stay tuned because as we get ready to say bye to this school year, I'm planning some blog posts to help you survive the coming school year whether it's the first time your child attends school or if your child is just moving up a grade.

Now to continue celebrating.

Class of 2019

Congratulations to all the graduates of 2019!

Kary xoxo

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