#MovieReview MIB International - Why it's a must watch!

Ok, first let me start by adding that I had no idea that a Men In Black International movie was coming out. It shames me a little, especially because I'm a big movie buff and addict. The first time I heard about it was a few days back when the invite to watch an early screening came through. Happy that my son did know what was happening and immediately said yes, we have to go.
I've been a big fan of the Men In Black franchise, that was until they started doing out with more and more movies. After the second movie, it was like really? Do we really need another Men In Black movie?! The second one was acceptable because it still featured Will Smith but after that I forgot about the ones that came out and would just re-watch the first two or first and original one.

When Miguel was born he grew up watching the movies with me and therefore also fell in love with Men In Black, we'd dance around to the song. He also got to collect some of the MIB toys that featured a neautrlizer and he'd use to make me forget things (insert smirking face).
Movie night came and it was time to watch Men In Black International. Even though it featured some familiar faces and favorite actors, including Chris Hemsworth and Liam Neeson. I was worried and thought it would mess up the MIB image for me, just a little. What would you know, it was completely the opposite.
It actually refreshed the franchise for us, gulp I don't want to say that it was better than the original but it certainly goes side by side with it.

It was funny, full of action and a fun family movie. It might have a scene or two that are not appropriate for little ones but since they are little and don't really understand it can just skip right through them. Valentina who is 5 years old saw the movie with us and loved it, she was just a tad worried about being scared but she ended up laughing a lot. By the end of the movie she already had two favorite characters, both aliens might I add.
Miguel loved it, coming from a teen you know that it means a lot. Now this is coming from his own words "MIB International is better than the first one, and I definitely want a copy when it comes out on Digital and Blu-Ray.
Yes, we will definitely need a copy to add to our movie collection.

My favorite character ended up being the least expected one, yep, it's that green little fella shown above named Pawny. He's funny, cute and I need one in my life!
Can someone tell me where to buy one?

I'm not a trader and I promise you that I'm an original MIB fan, with that said please make sure to watch this one. You won't regret it.

With Summer being around the corner and all kids being out of school in NYC officially in two weeks. Make sure to add MIB International to your must watch Summer movies.
Grab some popcorn, your favorite drink and cool off for a few hours while you laugh and enjoy a movie at the movie theaters.

MIB International starts playing at movie theaters tomorrow.

Kary xoxo

Disclosure: We were invited as media to attend an early screening. All words and opinions are our own.

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