Princess Mini Camp To Celebrate The 70th Anniversary of Cinderella

It is a special month for Disney Animation, they will be celebrating the 70th Anniversary of Cinderella and it will also be added to the Walt Disney Signature Collection which will be available on Digital and Movies Everywhere June 18th and on Blu-Ray June 25th.
We were invited to celebrate by attending a Princess Mini Camp at Lets Dress Up NYC and what a way to start a weekend it was.

First of all, Valentina is obsessed with anything Disney Princess and dressing up like one, is one of her favorite things to do when she's at home. 
The day I told her what our Saturday afternoon looked like, she might have flipped a little bit and let out a scream. Can I blame her, no?! The first time I read the confirmation email, I might have let out a little scream myself. This momma was pretty excited, it's every little girls dream to be a Disney Princess, even if it's for an hour or two.

Saturday afternoon we headed to Let's Dress Up located in the Upper East Side.
Where we were welcomed with a room full of princess magic, a little girls dream come true. 
The first thing when you walk in, are the princess dresses hanging on the wall and waiting to be picked. Valentina has two or three favorite princesses but with it being a Cinderella celebration, she decided to be Cinderella for the afternoon.
First she picked her dress, then what shoes she would put on, and after headed to the jewelry section, where Valentina got to pick out some earrings, a ring and a bracelet. Oh, and I almost forgot a purse, wand, and tiara. No princess is complete without a tiara.

Misa and Valentina dressed up like Cinderella.
Being a Disney Princess is always more fun with friends.

Princess Mini Camp was full of surprises. After dressing up and making sure they were set for the tea party that would be happening during half of the mini camp. The girls got pampered. It made me want to be at Princess Mini Camp. First was glitter nail polish, then some makeup of their choice.

For Valentina it was eyeshadow and then it was time for some fairy dust. Which consisted of glitter on both cheeks and then a Bibidi Babidi Boo!
The Disney princesses were ready for a tea party.

This tea party consisted of Goldie Fishies, m&m's in Cinderella's glass shoe, a blue and white cookie, and some water or pink lemonade. Perfect for even the pickiest of princesses.

Valentina was definitely made for the Disney Princess life. Just look at that pinky, she got it from her momma ;)

No, Princess Mini Camp is complete without story time, the little princesses voted on the Cinderella  book which was suiting since we were celebrating her 70th Anniversary.
It was a magical Saturday afternoon that Valentina will not forget.
Make sure to check out my Ig @Runchiquitarun to see more pictures and Valentinas Ig @JustANycChiquita to see her IG TV video featuring her magical afternoon at Let's Get Dressed Up.

Now we are counting down the days until we can have a Cinderella movie night. 

Start planning yours and make sure to grab a copy of Cinderella which will be on Digital Copy June 18th or on Blu-Ray June 25th.

What Disney Princess would you dress up as, if you had the chance?

Kary xoxo

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. We were invited by @DisneyAnimation to attend a Princess Mini Camp at Let's Dress Up NYC. All words and opinions are our own.

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