Hello 38 - Happy Birthday To Me

So this is what 38 looks like. Not too shabby if I may say so myself.
As I say hello to this new year of life, I reflect on the one that was left behind. 
For the first time I can say that I'm embracing everything that happened and accept the bad and good, 
I guess you can say that's a part of growing up, something we all have to do eventually.

What a ride 37 was, one full of ups and down. I was tested in many different ways, personally, mentally and physically. Friendships were lost but new ones were presented. I grew as a woman, I became a more than a boss mom. I've had this blog for a while and even though I really wasn't earning a lot of income from it, it is still my job and therefor I've already been a momprenuer for a while, the only thing different was that this year I co-founded JustAPlaydate with my fellow mom blogger/work wive. Together we work to build an empire that our kids can someday work as well.
As a mom I was tested and reminded that everything can change in one second, our kids are precious. Hug them, spend time with them, disconnect and remind them how much they mean to you, and how much you love them.
Every single night I remind my son that he is my world and I tell him I love him, I tell baby girl that she is strong, brave and our little princess that we love so very much.
As a wife I was reminded why husband works so much, that even though it might frustrate me to feel like a single mom sometimes, it's because of his hard working that I can stay at home to watch the kids and to have time to make my dreams a reality. It's because of his support and hard work that I was able to become a mompreneur. 
So you see, even though I lost what I thought would be a lasting friendship, I was reminded of just how very blessed I am and that the people that are still in my life are the ones that matter and that it's for one reason that they are still with me.
I was blessed with both my parents being a part of my village and support system, they who still root for their Chiquita and motivate me to still be the best person that I can be. It's funny to think that when I was a teen and I'd get in trouble I would say I won't be like my mom and now I understand everything she would do and why, and when I do the same things that she did when I was a teen I laugh at how similar I am to her and you know what, I wouldn't change one single thing. She is my biggest blessing and I pray to God to one day be half as good a mom as she was with us.

So as I enter this new year of life, I thank God for my everyday blessings and am once again reminded that it is NEVER too late.
Where there is a will there is a way. I'm looking forward to crushing more dreams this year, like becoming a mom again (sometime soon).

So 38 bring it on, but please be nice :)

Kary xoxo

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