Calico Critters Extreme Makeover Edition

Calico Critters has been a staple in our households from the moment we first saw them at Target. 
We were doing some late night shopping and Valentina grabbing a few dolls to play with, she'd search for a little playhouse to put her dolls in and there it was the cutest little cottage with the cutest furriest friends. That was the moment Calico Critters would win her heart over and be added to her Christmas list every year. Even though Calico Critters has been around since 1985, it hasn't been until recently that we've spotted them everywhere, from mystery bags to their little town houses and villages. Now you will start finding Calico Critters Village Furniture and Accessories. You know what that means? It's time to start searching for all the spare change under the couch!

Microwave Cabinet
Kids will love baking mini goodies in this realistic "working" microwave, that turns red when hot. 
It comes with a mini pie for our Calico Critter friends to be able to enjoy :)

Breakfast Playset
This is one of my favorites, because it helps remind little ones how important a balanced breakfast is. Little ones will love serving up breakfast to their little critters. Just look at how cute that bunny shaped waffle is.

Kitchen Island
It's all in the name, I wish I Personally had this kitchen in my home.
Kids will love helping their critters cook up a storm in the kitchen, with the real working appliances, which includes a spinning mixer, changeable donut and waffle maker, and the cutest little scale that moves up and down to weigh ingredients.
Vale has been loving this set, and I've loved the mini dishes she's come up with.

Laundry and Vacuum Cleaner
Kids learn the importance of keeping your home nice and clean, love that my little one makes sure to keep her critters home spotless with the 2-in-1 convertible vacuum and "working" washing machine. Whenever I go to vacuum the rug, baby girl makes sure to vacuum her critters home.

Wall Lamps and Curtain Sets
Everyone knows that a curtain can make a difference in a home and these are the cutest. A beautiful flower print has added that perfect touch to Vales critter house and the working wall lamps, helps them with being afraid of the dark.

Bed and Comforter Set
Vales little critters have been sleeping comfortably in their new bed and keeping warm with they new comforter. If you thought you'd seen cute. Just wait until you see a little critter in bed covered with his little comforter, you will melt.

Calico Critters Extreme Makeover Edition Sets are now available online, and at a store near you.
Price range is from $11.95-$12.95. 
They are recommended for ages 3 and up!

Make sure to follow Calico Critters online and be on the lookout for some fun goodies that are perfect for this upcoming holiday season.

Kary xoxo

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored. We were sent Calico Critters samples to facilitate this review. All words and opinions expressed are our own.

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