Vacation Mode Over - Time To Hustle

I'm sure that if you check back to some of my old posts, you will find me saying that time flew by way too fast. Well, this was no exception and what was supposedly three weeks in Mexico felt more like 3 days. This time it really did go by fast, when we drove up to the airport to take our flight back home, it felt like we'd been there just the day before, anxiously awaiting to see the streets of Mexico and heading over the airport. Though this time my heart was torn, like it always is when it's time to head home.

Half of my heart ends up broken and sad, crying for the people that are left behind and for my beautiful country view, my other half is happy to go back home to my husband and get back to the daily bustle of our city that never sleeps.
I'm usually sad for a few days after getting back to the city, the one thing that is helping me is the fact that we have events almost back to back, it helps me my mind busy. Not only that but catching up on overdue blog posts, vlogs and family time keeps this momma busy, busy. 
Oh, and not to forget that the first day of school for kids is just 2 weeks and a half away. 
Say what?!
Where did this Summer go by, the older I get the faster time goes by and I'm not a fan of that. I really would appreciate if time could slow down, if the kids go stop growing up so fast and if I could for at least day freeze time, and really soak in all the blessings that I have.
So as I start this new year, yes I know it's not technically New Years Eve but for some reason my new year always starts in September and ends in June. July and August are just fillers, time that I'm given to try and take a breather, to acknowledge the beauty that is life, family and this world that we live in.

Now, it's time to dive into reality and get ready to hustle hard, I'm hoping to accomplish a few things this new year, and I've already made sure to write them down in my planner, because that way I'm sure to put it out somewhere and they are most likely to be done.
And even though Summer is not over yet, I want to say
 "Summer, it's been great. A little too humid at times but you've been a blast. As we say see you next June, can I ask you for a favor?
Please do come back but this time with less humidity."

Now back to city life and the rush of everyday. Oh, and start writing down what places we can see when we go to Mexico next time. Mexico is huge and I'd really need more than a month to get to know every little corner of my country :)

Before I forget, make sure to come back and look out for my Travel posts that will feature Mexico and some fun places that you must visit when in Mexico :)

Kary xoxo

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