My Queens 60th Birthday

I am a strong woman, because a srong woman raised me.

My queen, one of my biggest blessings gets to celebrate 6 decades of life.
She was born on Spetember 10, 1959 at 10:00pm

 I thank God for so many years of life and for choosing her to be my mom. She's taught me so much, and everyday I keep learning new things from her. After becoming a mom myself, I've learned to appreciate her even more, all of her sacrifices and always putting her family above eveything else, including herself.

I pray that God blesses her with mnay more years, for more memories can be made with us and her grandchildren.

I love you so much, mamita linda. I will never be able to show you just how much you mean to me, I would give you the moon and stars if possible.

Cheers to many more birthdays, my beuatiful mamita.

Kary xoxo

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