Why Piñata Fiesta From Jakks Pacific Is Perfect For Kid Parties

Piñatas can be a staple at any celebration, they are fun and perfect for laughs, except for those times when little kids end up crying or with injuries, yep you read that right.
Below I tell you three things that can be avoided when you use Piñata Fiesta at your next kid party.

Tears Of Pain
You will avoid those tears of pain, yes pain. How does a piñata give you pain you ask?
Well, let tell you a little story. Growing up Mexican meant having piñatas at birthday parties, that also meant having the worry of being bopped in the head with one, especially if one of your cousins filled it with an orange or two. It hurts bad to get hit in the head with one, whether it's getting bopped in the head or having one fall on your head as you dive for candy as it falls out.

Yes, you can get injured with Piñatas. Scraped knees are one or a hit on the head, as mentioned above in tears of pain. Kids dive for candy, why I don't know. I mean it is half the fun to dive when you see the candy, and it can be funny to see the kids throw themselves to see how much candy they can grab. That is until there is a crying child with an injury, that it's not so funny.

Tears Of Sadness
There's always a few kids who are the oldest and will grab all the candy, leaving the youngest ones or the ones who are afraid to dive without candy. That's when tears of sadness come in, and no one likes to see a child feeling left out or sad. 

This is not telling you to stop using your traditional piñata but it's a great alternative especially when doing a party where your child will have friend over.
 It's also great for getting kids to talk to each other because they can swap the goodies that come in their piñata fiesta. 

What is one memory that you have with piñatas?

Kary xoxo

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