Holiday Gift Guide - Toys Under $50 That Won't Break The Bank

One of the things that I always remind my kids during this holiday season is that Christmas is not about the presents but about family time and getting to cook some very yummy food - ha!
Therefor one of our gift rules is making sure to add items that are under $50, when you are a teen it can become a little bit harder but for younger kids it's always easier. Below you will find some of our favorite toys for this holiday season, not only are they unique and special in some way but they won't break the back either. Which is great, especially if you are a mom of more than 1 child.

Green Toys are made in the USA and make their toys from super safe 100% recycled plastic.
Which is great for the planet and for your child. Sturdy plastic toys are always the best for imagination play and unplugged fun. This 10 piece set includes a stethoscope, reflex hammer, syringe, Tweezers, thermometer, ear scope, notepad, and two sticker sheets. Kids will love playing doctor or veterinarian. Vale loves grabbing her stuffed animals and helping them get better. Ambulance is easy to store and will hold the pieces, making storing it perfect.

Retail Price $35.00
Available on Amazon

Slime, pearls and some sand can be found in this Glitzy Sea Shell.
 Little ones will love hiding pearls in slime or sand and then digging them out. Slime is not sticky but as always make sure to use on a surface that can get dirty without you being worried.
It also comes with string for them to make a bracelet or two.
Best part is that after playing they can store everything away in the sea shell and hide under the bed.

Retail Price $19.99
It's on sale at Walmart right now.

She twirls and dances to the music she plays as well. Her tutu lights up and will make any little girls face light up as well. Ballerina Dreamer is beautiful and I'm very excited to gift one to the little ballerina in my life. Your little one will love putting on her tutu and dancing with her new friend or taking her to ballet class with her.

Retail Price: $29.82
You can buy at Walmart 

A fun multi-player game that will make family game night a high energy one.
Kids will love trying to bounce the balls into the side of the pocket of the pyramid as they race to beat others. Something about everyone trying to bounce balls at the same time is hysterical, it will ensure a lot of laughter as well.
Makes a perfect addition to any family game night

Retail Price $19.99
You can buy here on Amazon

Hyperstrike Bow

Every time I see a bow I'm reminded of the Hunger Games. Any Catniss Everdeen fan will love getting one of these Hyperstrike Bows and adding it to their collection. It has a launch performance of up to 250 feet, that's perfect for backyard battles. The Bow and arrow has a patented loop-and-launch technology

This is a toy that is suggested for ages 14 and up.
Retail Price $29.99
You can buy on Amazon 

A foam throwing ax for kids who want to test their strength. It's so light and fun for challenging each other to see who can throw the farthest. Baby girl and I have loved challenging the boys in a who throws the farthest challenge. The best part if trying to get it to stick to the wall, the three suction cups help it stick the wall. We have yet to try the ceiling. Zax is made out of softex foam.

Retail Price $12.99
You can buy on Amazon

Happy Shopping!

Kary xoxo

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