Happy Birthday Suri!!

Happy Belated Birthday!!
So my girl Suri turned 5yrs old yesterday!!!
Time goes by way too fast.

She is the cutest baby girl ever (at least until my baby girl is born - lol )
I love reading everything and anything about the Cruise family, seriously one of my morning rituals
 is going to Usmagazine.com and getting my daily dose of Hollywood gossip.
 I've always loved Katie ever since Dawson's Creek, and Tom has always been a childhood crush :)
Suri was love from the womb, even before she was born I was crazy happy and in love
with her - yeah, yeah I know
I might be coming off a little nutty right now but that's fine, we are all friends here :)
There was a point where my future daughter's name was going to be Suri, it has been changed to Mya!!
But Suri is the cutest!!!

Happy Birthday Suri Cruise!!!

Now I'm off to cook Spaghetti Tacos and watch some movies with my boys!!

P.S. Don't forget to sign up for my Movie Giveaway which ends on Friday.
I've added Black Swan and The Tourist to the
movie list :)

Kary xoxo


  1. I LOVE SURI SO MUCH!!! I can't believe I didn't know that you share my love for her. I was SO OBSESSED when that Vanity Fair cover came out with the Annie Leibovitz photos. Suri is definitely the cutest baby girl in the world--I'm afraid that when I have a child one day, it won't live up to Suri's cuteness, haha. Happy birthday Suri--although now that you're five, it's TIME TO GIVE UP THE PACIFIERS!

  2. you are HILARIOUS!!! I was just going to say that's claire's celebitot!!! LOL so how funny she commented :)

    my ex boyfriend gave me that vanity fair as a little gift when it came out-- i was obsessed with it too! ha

    And YES! the cutest baby girl until yours will come along ;)

    mmm spaghetti tacos?! do share!! i'm making spaghetti as we speak while listening to Otis Redding :)

  3. She is a cute little girl! 5 already?? wow

  4. Isn't Suri such a cutie? Time really flies! Wouldn't it be funny if she and Miguelito met and became friends?

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  5. Suri really is adorable. My old next-door-neighbour could be her blonde haired twin - she looks exactly like Suri except her hair colour is blonde!

    Spaghetti tacos, hey? How are they made?

    x Jasmine

  6. Hi Kary! You're a winner on my true or false game...me a cheerleader yeah right!! Thanks for playing, next Monday last chance to play again. You sampler will be in the mail on my next visit to the post office! Te mando un beso y un abrazo...recibi tu postal gracias :)